Sarah Hyland’s fans get upset over controversial wedding photo

Sarah Hyland’s fans get upset over controversial wedding photo

The fans of Sarah Hyland disagree about the latest photo of the Modern Family star. Some believe that the photo exceeded the limit. Sarah Hyland was seen partying with fiance Wells Adams at a wedding. The two are very in love and love enough to bend it on the “Gram. Some fans of Sarah Hyland, however, find the photo inappropriate instead of the # MeToo movement.

Sarah Hyland’s fans get upset over controversial wedding photo

The controversial photo in question showed that Hyland stuck her tongue out at the camera while Adams grabbed her right breast. The caption read: “We take wedding photo booths very seriously … #mcm for the men who love their ladies and treat them like queens.”

The caption in combination with the photo was not good with fans. Hyland’s Instagram feed turned into a heated discussion about how men and women should act according to the # MeToo movement, as previously reported through The Blast. The photo is NSFW in nature and contained the boys who became handy with Hyland and her friends. However, the group clearly had a good time at a wedding, where the drinks flow and hijinks follow. The photo is clearly made with pleasure and everyone seems to agree.

However, some Hyland fans thought it had sent the wrong message to girls. Others questioned the caption itself and wondered if Hyland meant that “treated like queens” meant being treated like objects. The play was too much for social media and Hyland has since removed the responses. But she did not delete the photo because it remains on her Instagram account.

Some fans come to Hyland’s defense

Other Hyland fans have since come to her defense. One claimed that people’s comments about the photo controversy were worse than the photo itself. Another argued that the # MeToo movement was about women who were sexually abused by men in power, while the women in the photo agreed. Other fans wished their significant others were just as handy as Adams himself.

It is no secret that Hyland becomes frank on social media. She has given fans a meticulous and personal look at her relationship with Bachelor alum Wells Adam. According to an earlier report via GMA, she even documented her entire tattoo removal process on Instagram Stories. She shared several videos from celebrity skin expert and nurse Jamie Sherill who removed some of her tattoos. In the videos, Hyland seemed to be in pain when she documented the deeply personal process.

Are Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams ready to say, “I do?”

In the meantime, Hyland and Adams are engaged, much to the horror of many. As previously reported through Ace TV shows, they celebrated their surprise engagement a few months ago. During an Emmy party in September, Hyland revealed that the two have grown so much in their short time together. And now it seems that Hyland and Adams are finally talking together about their future.

Yeah, sort of. As previously reported through USA Today, Hyland revealed at E! 2019 People’s Choice Awards that she and Adams are not in a hurry to get married. They clearly like being engaged. But she was present at a bridal party, which she showed on Instagram earlier this month. Hyland and Adams already announced their engagement in July.

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