Season 13 Of Alaskan Bush People Premieres Sep. 19 On Discovery And Discovery+.

Season 13 Of Alaskan Bush People Premieres Sep. 19 On Discovery And Discovery+.

Alaskan Bush People Season 13 debuts on Discovery on Sunday, September 19 at 8 p.m. on Discovery Channel and Discovery Plus. A preview of the show was released this week and revealed that fans should expect to see a lot about Billy Brown. Recall that he passed away after a seizure in February of this year.

This week, fans finally got to see a preview of the upcoming season. It’s not unexpected that it involves Billy Brown, as his death has impacted the entire family. Recently, Bear posted a photo of his mother Ami Brown.

It arrived on her birthday, and fans seemed excited to see that she was doing quite well. Recall that she struggled with cancer, and then lost Billy Brown very suddenly.

The Alaskan Bush People family suffered another setback before Bill Brown’s death. A fire swept through their mountain home and devastated much of it. At the time, rescuers got Billy and Ami out, however, it was an extremely troubling time as some property was damaged. Fortunately, Bear Brown told his fans a few days ago that the farm is safe from the fires this year. Let’s hope it stays that way.

While Snowbird thinks they can just get by and make a future without a father, she also talks about Alaska and how much she misses it. In fact, she wouldn’t mind going back. In retrospect, however, the children feel that Billy actually gave them a dream to follow when his time was up.

It’s not yet clear whether fans will see more of Raiven Adams and Bear Brown’s relationship back then. However, it does seem that fans will see plenty of action-packed scenes on the ranch.

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