Shep Rose Denies Hitting On Madison LeCroy When She Was Married; Insinuates Something Happened With Craig Conover & Madison

Can Shep Rose deny that she is referring to a female? Not according to his great friends! The Southern Charm Lothario is certainly known for its way with the ladies. Shep has survived his good part of the affair with his co-stars. Danni Baird went out with Shep for a few minutes. Until she discovered his lack of commitments. Kathryn Dennis has also fallen under the influence of Shep’s alcohol-animal magnetism. He even tried it with Chel (t) zee Meissner, but she managed to evade his allure in favor of … Austen Kroll.

Speaking of Austen, his new relationship offers quite a bit of drama for viewers this season. Hairstylist extraordinaire, Madison LeCroy, has turned up and she is not a punk. She owns a business, stylizes Patricia Altschul’s wig and is not afraid of confrontations. Shep is not a fan of Madison. He seems to have an unreasonable dislike of Austen’s bustle. So what happened to create such a tension between Madison and Shep? Has she rejected his unclear words of poetry? Was she resistant to his beer-soaked t-shirt collection? Maybe she was just smart.

Why is Shep so sad about Madison? She must have hurt his witty colors. That seems to be the most important theory around Shep’s intense aversion to the girlfriend of his “best friend.” Shep has not been silent about his contempt for Austen’s relationship and has said some rather unfriendly words about Madison. After Austen’s mutilated attempt to have a threesome that was everywhere on social media, Mads had a revenge attack. For Shep, that was the ultimate betrayal. No two randos at your apartment, mind you. That was just a misstep for Austen.

At a ladies-only dinner in Madison, Madison said that Shep’s attitude might be because she rejected him when she got married. “I don’t know if he’s still embittered that I declined him when I was married and that I wasn’t interested,” Madison said.

However, Shep can quickly deny this. During the Southern Charm After Show, Shep said, “Absolutely not.” He went on to say, “She came to our beach house and I mean, cute blonde, I was like that, what’s up, honey.” I never had her number once and never had an SMS. I mean, I like to whisper something in her ear, big deal. “

Shep Rose Denies Hitting On Madison LeCroy When She Was Married; Insinuates Something Happened With Craig Conover & Madison
Shep Rose Denies Hitting On Madison LeCroy When She Was Married; Insinuates Something Happened With Craig Conover & Madison

Because he is already under the bus, Shep decides to bring Craig Conover down. “He [Craig] went downstairs and walked on the beach with her [Madison] and disappeared for an hour.”

Craig then explained that he was “taking a walk” with Madison and they discussed her then state of accident. Uh Huh. Of course, Jan. Craig also took a “walk on the beach” with Kathryn. When they got lost on Jekyll Island. Our Craig definitely loves late walks along the ocean.

Cameran Eubanks shared: “Shep would beat everything up.” Danni echoed that sentiment and said: Shep “catches everyone” and he “even hits a raccoon.” How unfortunate for those ladies who love a smoky eye. These are not exactly outstanding statements about the character of Shep.

That said, Danni and Kathryn wonder why he hates Madison so much. Danni acknowledges that Shep is rarely hostile to those who do not give in to his progress.

It is clear that Madison has been around this crowd for a while. She probably knows where some bodies are buried. Fans of the show still wonder why Shep is doing his utmost to harass her in every way possible. Maybe Shep and Mads are both hiding something. Maybe this is just another chip on Shep’s shoulder in his never-ending competition with Austen. Whatever the case, it does not look like Shep and Madison will soon be best friends.


Written by Tommy Kilmer

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