Should Man’s Ex-Wife Get Some of His $273 Million Lotto Winnings?

Mike Weirsky could not believe his luck when he saw that he had hit it big.

“It still has not hit me,” he told Inside Edition.

The Alpha, New Jersey, man won the $ 273 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot last Friday, but he is now in a bit of a pickle.

Weirsky was separated about five months ago. In the course of his 15-year marriage, Weirsky did not work steadily. His ex-wife, Eileen Murray, supported him. Even now she pays him a legal alimony.

Should she get a share of the money?

Murray hopes that Weirsky will “do good”.

“Think about it, how long have I worked, how long have I supported it?” She told the New York Post.

However, she is not going to come back to him again. “He suddenly does not speak to me because he has this money,” Murray said.

Weirsky is a bit sensitive about the subject of his ex.

“$ 270 million does not make me attractive to her – that’s what she said,” he said.

He added that she has no chance of returning to him.

“It’s over with,” he said. “I just want her to stop being in my life.”

Inside Edition questioned his followers on the social media about whether Weirsky should share. On all three platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – the consensus was clear: Weirsky had to keep his profit for himself.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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