Sienna Miller says she called Harvey Weinstein ‘Pops’

Sienna Miller says she called Harvey Weinstein ‘Pops’

Sienna Miller has revealed that she calls Harvey Weinstein “Pops” and maintains that he has never sexually presented her.

The British star collaborated with the shameful producer on films, including “Factory Girl,” where she played Andy Warhol’s muse, Edie Sedgwick.

Weinstein had announced Sienna Miller as the “next big thing,” but the actress told The Daily Telegraph that the only difficult experience she had was when he yelled at her.

Miller said she first met the former wife Georgina Chapman of Weinstein before they got married.

The mother of someone who now lives with her daughter, Marlowe, in New York, said: “It is really complicated to talk about this carefully.

“I called Harvey” Pops “from the first day. Probably because at a certain level I felt that that [other side of him] existed and it was a way to deflect what I felt. And it did, and it was lucky. I would go, “Oi Pops, give us a job,” and he would go, “Ah, stappit.”

She added: “I knew his wife, Georgina, before they got married, when we were in London. And had never had such an experience, thank goodness. I mean, I was shouted, but that was just Harvey, you know, you would just wipe it … He was screaming at men too.

“But I was very lucky that no one had ever suggested to me to work with sex – and if they had, I probably would have beaten them.”

She admitted: ‘But it’s not that easy. I know you can’t say no to Harvey if he asks you to do something. For me it would be an extra week of press, so I imagine that in a situation where it is sexual, it is also difficult to say no, and that is overwhelming. “

Miller, who plays a single mother in her new movie “American Woman,” was rather cautious about speaking about Weinstein and said: “I am aware that I have the power to say something about someone and that is actually for them. And that scares me. “

Weinstein is on trial on January 6 for five charges, including rape and assault. Page Six reported this week that he lost his lawsuit to get the trial out of Manhattan, citing the “circus-like” media atmosphere in the city.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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