Single mum makes $11,000 by charging wealthy married men to date her

Most people have fantasized about leaving their job and taking on a whole new career at some point, but few people would ever think that their love life could become a lucrative source of income.

Single mother Britney Boone, from North Carolina, couldn’t get her childcare costs with her skinny job pay and decided she had to find a new source of money. To that end, she turned to the online dating site What’s Your Price.

Here, affluent bachelors in an online auction offer the chance to date her, and now Britney has managed to earn more than $ 11,000 through dating-rich guys.

Britney Boone, ile ilgili görsel sonucu

But it is not only financial security that Britney benefits from. She is also overloaded with gifts, including designer jewelry, exotic vacations abroad and free lunches and dinners. On a memorable occasion, one of her sugar-uncle vaccines gave her his credit card and Britney ordered a $ 800 (£ 609) bargain at the mall.

In a recent interview, Britney said about her recovered career: “If I had $ 1 for every time I was called a prostitute, I would be rich … While on the site for his financial incentives and not for finding love , it is something very different.

“Prostitutes are paid for a very specific thing, while I am paid for my time and there is no pressure to do something that I do not want to do. I can understand why people think that as money, but actually, I ‘I only have slept with one man I met on the site, with whom I ended up in a relationship. I see everyone I meet more as a mentor. “

She added, “I know people will read this and think,” Why didn’t you just get another job? “But I’m a single mother, I can’t work 24/7 without seeing my child. And she needs me there. I also looked at the possibility of childcare, but it would be about $ 1400 (£ 1,063) a month “That is the majority of your monthly salary, if you are paid low or on the basis of minimum wage. The point where I really could not afford much at all. It was really tough.”

Britney Boone, ile ilgili görsel sonucu

“There is a strange man who is only after one thing, but you understand that everywhere. Usually the men are mature, career-driven and well-rounded, they even gave me career and business advice and let me choose their brains for sales tips, because many of them work in that world …

“For women who want to try it for themselves, I would say be careful and listen to your stomach. Don’t let anyone put pressure on you. Just because money is involved doesn’t mean there is an expectation. Have fun, you have to get dressed, go out and be pampered and eat – what’s so bad about that? “

Although Britney is disappointed and disappointed in how many married men have tried to do business with her, she claims that what she does is not sex work, and that the majority of her loved ones know what she is doing and what she is doing. supporting.

If you are interested in pursuing an alternative career, why not visit WhatsYourPrice? You could be worth much more than you think.

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