Sister Wives: Are Kody Brown and Meri Brown Mending Marriage Fences?

Sister Wives Are Kody Brown and Meri Brown Mending Marriage Fences

Sister Wives’ husband, Kody Brown, and his clan have a new season on the way. Now, TLC announced the official start date and it is soon. But it seems that the breeding of the Sister Sisters knocks on the exit door of Season 14 with suppurating friction. These problems overshadow their future Flagstaff.

When the last episodes of Sister Wives were closed, they left fans with some cliffhangers. According to the latest reports, season 14 responds to what is pending for Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Are Kody Brown and Meri Brown Mending Marriage Fences?

During the break between the Sister Wives TLC seasons, fans saw Kody Brown’s wife, Meri, wear a new appearance of independence. It is entangled with the LuLaRoe crowd. As one of the main sales associates, she has traveled on two cruises with her co-workers and seems to be busy with her commercial projects.

When he finished last season, Meri and Kody Brown began to repair their relationship. Kody described him as dating Meri again. Then, Meri sprouted in the Tell All. And he even told Kody that he would leave everything if he called. So it seems that he has invested in getting his marriage back on track.

But it appears something else transpired since last seeing the Sister Wives spouses on the Tell All. The reports put Kody Brown and his first wife Meri back in couple therapy. So, it seems they needed some help. It seems that they are working on the happiness of marriage in the new Sister Wives S14.

Sister Wives: Are Kody Brown and Meri Brown Mending Marriage Fences?

Oh, Kody Brown and the Money Again.

Reports also indicate that this great family of Sister Wives is plagued by financial problems. Fans could have predicted this by watching the last season. The way the Brown clan spent money on the Flagstaff movement seemed risky. Las Vegas homes were not sold immediately. So, Kody Brown was still paying mortgages at four homes in Las Vegas.

Then, there is a mortgage in Coyote Pass. Not to mention the cost of temporary homes for four families that make up the Sister Sisters clan. Therefore, rents and mortgages were also owed in those places. Sister Wives’ new career opens with Kody with liquidity problems, according to progress. Also, the idea of ​​the big house with which Kody played last season comes up again in the new season.

Wife Sisters enthusiasts remember that Kody was made blueprints for a gigantic house. So, now is supposedly the answer to your money problems this season. But fans can see the wives react to Kody Brown’s revelation of his secret house plan. There are signs of unhappiness. They can share a husband, but they don’t want to share a house, as shown in the previews.

Then, there is anger over the fair division of Coyote Pass property, suggest the advances of Sister Wives, if they build four houses there. It seems that fans can expect Kody Brown women to back off a bit during the next season. And most of the drama seems to be about long-term housing arrangements.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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