Sister Wives: Children Not Following Their Parents Footsteps

Sister Wives: Children Not Following Their Parents Footsteps

According to what the Brown family initially said, a polygamous arrangement is about mutual consent. Unlike monogamous people, those in plural families are okay with their alternative lifestyle.

However, from what fans have seen on Sister Wives for a long time, it doesn’t seem remotely friendly when it comes to the relationship between the wives.

Even though they are technically family, most of the time it seems like they can’t even stand each other. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the wives revealed that none of their children want to follow their polygamous lifestyle. Despite the fact that they all grew up in a plural family, the concept doesn’t appeal to them.

Sister Wives: Children Not Following Their Parents Footsteps

Janelle Brown stated that Madison, her oldest daughter who is 25, loves her upbringing. However, that is not the lifestyle she wants to adopt in her marriage and her children’s future. Janelle Brown acknowledges that although they love having a big family, they do not want to live that kind of life.

The family believes in finding their relationship with God and making their own choices. Just because they are doing something doesn’t mean the children should follow in their footsteps. Fortunately, they are pretty open about that.

Christine Brown also revealed that her six children are open to polygamy, as Robyn Brown also agrees with Janelle Brown about giving the children their own choices. But she also added that it’s not a decision that anyone makes right away.

It is something that some people decide collectively with their spouse. On the other hand, Kody Brown is neutral on this and doesn’t meddle in their life as a couple. He thinks it’s something to work out with their spouse.

It’s no secret that the Brown family has been a center of personal problems. Two of the four marriages seem like complete disasters if we take a look at the current season. Meri and Kody Brown have lived a disastrous married life for years. They even snubbed their 30th wedding anniversary, which is a pretty big milestone.

On the other hand, Christine Brown broke out in the trailer saying that she couldn’t do the wedding with Kody Brown anymore. Also, they must have figured out by now that her husband is likely to have a preferred spouse. Yes, we’re pointing to Robyn and everyone knows it.

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