Sister Wives: Christine and Janelle Set Aside Feud for Plexus Contest and Business Success

Sister Wives: Christine and Janelle Set Aside Feud for Plexus Contest and Business Success

Sister Wives stars Christine Brown and Janelle Brown have put aside their rumored feud to team up for a contest involving their respective lifestyle drink, Plexus. The announcement came after rumors circulated that the two wives were not on good terms following their splits from their shared husband, Kody Brown.

The contest promises the winner the chance to hang out with both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown in Nashville, Tennessee. Despite the apparent reconciliation, Christine threw subtle shade at Janelle towards the end of her video, possibly referring to Janelle’s disapproval of her new boyfriend, David Woolley.

The rivalry between the two women extends beyond their personal lives as they both sell Plexus online. The two wives have been working side-by-side in their business with Plexus, but they appear to be competing with each other. While both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown earned the title of “Top VIP Customer Sign Ups” and “Top Business Building Bonuses” for the week of March 5 to March 11, Janelle has been more successful in the business than Christine, according to the Plexus points system. Janelle is a diamond brand ambassador, while Christine is a sapphire brand ambassador.

Despite their competitive nature, Christine and Janelle both tout the benefits of Plexus, with Christine praising the drink for making her feel better at 50 than she ever has before. The contest they are hosting together aims to help people shed some pounds and feel their best. The event will take place in Nashville in June, where the winner will get the chance to hang out with both wives.

Although Janelle and Christine have had their differences in the past, it seems they have put those aside to work together on their business and share their success with their followers. While their personal lives may still be a source of tension between them, their business partnership proves that they are willing to put their differences aside for the sake of their shared interests.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor

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