Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Faces Challenges in New Relationship

Sister Wives' Christine Brown Faces Challenges in New Relationship

Christine Brown, a star of the reality show Sister Wives, has been gushing about her new love, David Woolley, for the past few months. However, it appears that their relationship has hit some bumps in the road. While Christine and David look happy, it appears that their respective families are experiencing some problems.

Christine Brown’s youngest family member seems to be experiencing some jealousy over her new relationship. While none of the Sister Wives’ children have voiced any problems with David, it appears that Truely Brown, who is still under 18, is having trouble sharing her mother’s time with her new boyfriend.

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Faces Challenges in New Relationship

David Woolley, who is the father of eight grown children, is also experiencing some problems due to the fame he has gained from dating Christine. While one of his daughters seemed to enjoy the newfound fame, recently a darker cloud hung over the family, causing Kati to bite back after some painful posts showed up online.

This week, it was revealed that a media outlet contacted Kati, David’s daughter, asking questions about her mother’s death. David tragically lost his wife to suicide ten years ago, and Kati begged the news source not to run the story, calling it the worst moment of her life. However, they did, and it seems that the fame factor has come into play here.

Without the Sister Wives’ fame seeping into their lives, this likely wouldn’t have happened to David and his daughter. No one knew who they were until they gained this fame, and it appears that it has brought some unintended consequences.

Christine and David’s relationship still seems to be going strong, but it remains to be seen how these challenges will affect their family dynamic. For now, both are continuing to enjoy their new love and the happiness it brings.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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