Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares New House Decoration

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares New House Decoration

Sister Wives star Christine Brown happily shares the new look of her house in Arizona. Christine is a mother of six and the wife of Kody Brown.

Fans are well aware that the Browns have shown how a polygamous family works together. The show has chosen a unique concept that has consistently captivated all viewers. Besides, something or the other is always happening in the family. Like any other family, the Brown polygamous family has many ups and downs. The show shows how they have struggled at times to overcome the humiliation of polygamy. However, it has helped viewers to broaden their perspective and think positively about it.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares New House Decoration

Christine Brown has recently made some specific changes to the interior of her house. She has given it a stunning new French-style interior. Her property in Flagstaff, Arizona is listed for sale. She initially marketed the price at $75,000. But eventually she lowered the price to $70 000. Meanwhile, when he couldn’t find the right buyers and it became a problem for him to sell the property, she used a trick. She decided to change the look of the house to make it more attractive to those who would come and look at the property.

As The Sun reports, Christine Brown added a side table with wooden ceramic bowls, pots, chopping boards, a few topiaries, copper pots and antique plates. Fans also praised and commented on the rustic decor and loved the style.

After polygamy ceased to be a criminal offence in Utah, Christine expressed her wish to move to her home state. She said she has been with Kody Brown in all his decisions, but now she wants to move back to Utah. However, the Sister Wives dismissed the idea out of hand. Kody Brown tried to speak out, but no one would support her. As a result, he tearfully walked away without having any conversation. This depressed her and she felt that Kody Brown had never supported her on any issue.

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Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Shows Off New ‘french Country’ Style Home Decor.

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