Sister Wives – Christine Brown totally views all the kids as her own

Sister Wives – Christine Brown totally views all the kids as her own

Fans of Sister Wives heard that a new season of the TLC will arrive in January. But when the announcement came, Christine Brown seemed more interested in the birth of Maddie’s baby, Evie K. Now, at Christmas soon, she told about how happy she is that Hunter’s home is for the holidays. Interestingly, Hunter and Maddie Brown Brush are the offspring of Janelle Brown.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown totally views all the kids as her own

TV shows Ace reported that when the announcement of the new season came, Christine previously shared about Kody’s second grandchild. The only thing about these polygamous families is that there is no shortage of mothers to go around. Christine is an example of how they see all of their offspring as theirs. From that point of view, it could certainly claim the term “one big happy family. That explains why Christine seems so happy to see Hunter.

Cheatsheet reminds us that Hunter is the brother of Maddison and Savanah. He is the son of Kody and Janelle Brown. He also has a brother named Logan, another named Robert Garrison and the young Gabe. Hunter is quite quiet and he is rarely seen at Sister Wives. He also keeps his Instagram private. Before enrolling in the United States Airforce Academy, he attended the United States Airforce Preparatory School. His graduation next year will be a milestone celebration for the Brown family.

Christine Brown shared about Hunter in Flagstaff

Christine, who went to her Instagram, shared a picture of them together. She endorsed it with “@ hunter_elias01 is in town.” But it seems that he’s not going to be too lazy. The star of Sister Wives added, “I’ll put him to work!” Then she added the hashtags “#shipping #lularoeretailer #becauseoflularoe.” Fans of the show know from her Instagram, that Christine, like Meri Brown, earns extra income from the LuLaRoe model line.

Fans have responded to the photo and one said, “The only part of polygamy that has ever made sense to me is that one child is dynamic to multiple mothers. More love, more support and more encouragement. I love it when you emphasize your relationship with your sister’s children. Another fan of Sister Wives agreed and said, “Think about all the positive support these children get. The parents put their needs second in the collective raising of this very well adapted family. ‘

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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