Sister Wives: Christine Brown Was Joined By Her Daughter When She İgnored The question About Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Was Joined By Her Daughter When She İgnored The question About Kody Brown

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown stumbled upon a fan’s question after they asked why Kody Brown wasn’t at her house. Fans have speculated that Kody Brown stayed with Robyn Brown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Christine Brown, went on Facebook to show her fans her latest creation in the kitchen: gluten-free chocolate chickpea brownies.

Although most of the viewers commented on her cooking, clothing and cooking skills, one specific fan asked what everyone was wondering.

A fan asked the mother of six children, “Why doesn’t Kody help you? However, this was one of the very few questions she did not answer and she deliberately scrolled through in the past, as she answered all the questions related to her clothing line and her gluten-free recipes.

However, fans must not be too worried about Kody Brown losing yet another wife since he came out of quarantine to date Christine.

Already in May, she had published on social media a fantastic dress she wore for their evening date.

While wearing a black leather jacket, a flowery top, red jeans and pumps, he wrote: “Dressing up for a date is super important, even if you just go for a drive listening to your favorite songs! “Embrace Sexy!” Although she claimed to have a date, Kody Brown wasn’t photographed in her post.

Christine Brown – who has been on the road to wellness since quarantine began – has also confirmed to onlookers that the Sister Wives will return for another season on TLC. When a fan asked if they were coming back to the show, she said, “We’re going back on TV.”

This is nothing new for some of his most loyal followers, as he had previously revealed that the cameras were filming the family. She revealed through social media that TLC is making things work in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, according to All About the Tea.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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