Sister Wives: Controversial posts by Gwendlyn Brown

Sister Wives: Controversial posts by Gwendlyn Brown

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown seems to be quite active on Twitter at the moment. In addition, she posts her Instagram stories quite often.

Nevertheless, her posts on her main Instagram page are few and far between these days. Over the past 18 months or so, Christine Brown’s daughter has become a bit controversial, but on Saturday, May 8, she posted an amusing, if ironic post.

Gwendlyn Brown suddenly grew up and, very much influenced by her half-sister Mariah, she began to explore her gender and social tendencies. Most children go through this phase when they reach their late teens.

However, in TikTok, she got into trouble when her account was questioned. In December last year, he told his fans that they had suspended him because he was referring to homosexuality. Apparently this is against their standards.

As an activist in the LGBTQ community, the Sister Wives star didn’t take this lying down. She fought back, telling them they were “homophobic” and “heterosexist”, so they reinstated her account. Before that, she declared herself a “raging bisexual” on Twitter, which confused fans. She once posted about joining an organisation called the Satanic Temple and then mocked his fans for praying for him. T

hey didn’t know he wasn’t referring to an actual church. In her Instagram stories, she also fights for BLM and other rights and doesn’t hold back.

Sister Wives: Controversial posts by Gwendlyn Brown

One rather controversial post from Sister Wives came during Christmas last year. As reported by The Hollywood Gossip, she was “apparently thankful…on Jesus Christ’s birthday [for] her drug dealer]”. She referred to him as “Weedman”. On other occasions.

TLC fans chastised him on social media for bad language. Anyway, many teenagers may have similar feelings. The difference, however, is that he’s from a reality series. Nonetheless, she doesn’t blatantly resent the opinions and concerns of fans who contribute to her family’s finances.

The young Sister Wives star rarely posts on her main Instagram account these days. However, her last two posts seemed light-hearted. Between February and now, she has posted just one photo on the platform. This one showed her new hairstyle.

Now, she shared a fun post and it showed her lying on her back on a rooftop. His caption referred to the Long March 5B missile launched by China.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor joined the theworldnewsdaily team in 2019.


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