Sister Wives: Fans Claim That Robyn Brown İs His Favorite

Sister Wives: Fans Claim That Robyn Brown İs His Favorite

Sister Wives fans speculate that Kody Brown is self-isolating with his third wife, Robyn Brown – leaving the other wives to fend for themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although he threatened to dissolve their partnership in the last two episodes, the couple is still going strong.

Fans went to Reddit to wonder where the Brown family patriarch was hiding while the coronavirus pandemic swept the country and many of them concluded that he could stay with Robyn Brown.

Many fans pointed out that the other wives – Christine Brown, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown – posted photos on their social media without him.

One fan wrote: “I think we all know the answer to this… They would use the excuse that she has all the younger children and they are the ones who would need 2 quarantine parents to help with school work and stuff like that.

“But we all know it’s just so we can be with her for two weeks straight.” Other fans were quick to offer similar opinions. Another fan of the show wrote: “He lives with Robyn Brown, sleeps with Robyn, puts his kids to bed every night.”Doesn’t spend time in other houses.”

Another fan agreed with the rest, but pointed out that he was with Robyn Brown because she was “exaggerating”.

The viewer wrote: “Like every other time, he is living with Robyn Brown, no doubt. But social-distance doesn’t mean quarantine.

The families are still together, she could still go from house to house without risking anyone else.”

“But knowing Robyn Brown, she’ll be in exaggerated mode, locking her kids in the basement and putting them in bubbles or something because they’re all so fragile and can’t live without her mom sticking to them like a fly to a pile of shit”.

Jenelle Brown, Meri and Christine Brown also mentioned Kody Brown’s disappearance from their quarantine life. Christine Brown posted a photo of her and her daughters making face masks. She entitled the photo, “What are you doing today? Pull out all the facial masks you bought at home for facial treatments!

On the other hand, Meri Brown posted a lonely hit in the snowy woods. She wrote: “In my original plans, today would have been the last day at sea after a week on a ship full of friends, colleagues and #LuLaRoe dealers.

“Obviously those plans have changed because of the ever-changing times we live in.” And I’m fine with that!
“I spent this week at home making plans, connecting with friends and clients via the internet and social media, watching the beautiful snow fall, seeing women from all over the country and the world meeting to support and lift each other”. Again, no hint or sign of her husband.

Finally, Janelle faced the pandemic in a more impersonal way and wished everyone a happy “first day of spring” with a photo of snow accumulated.

Kody Brown, on another note, has been silent on social media since the coronavirus crisis began. This can be a shock for many fans who are watching the current season of Sister Wives because, on the show, Robyn and Kody constantly clashed with the purchase of the house where they are said to have been quarantined together.

In the last episode, he admitted that he “bullied” his wife Robyn into buying a house after threatening to divorce her again. The patriarch of the family got angry because he couldn’t get what he wanted when it came to buying the family’s new house.

Eventually, Kody and Robyn ended up buying a house. Sun confirmed Kody and Robyn Brown bought a five-bedroom, four-bathroom home for $890,000 in August 2019.

The Brown family moved from Las Vegas to Arizona in August 2018. While Meri and Janelle currently live for rent, Kody and Christine bought a house when they moved in for $520,000.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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