Sister Wives: Fans Shocked As Christine Gets Vaccinated

Sister Wives: Fans Shocked As Christine Gets Vaccinated

Has Sister Wives celebrity Christine Brown left Kody and their polyamorous relationship? Although, no confirmation has been received yet. However, there are many hints pointing in the same direction.

It seems that Christine has become more liberal. She even had herself vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Taking the vaccine may seem normal to you, but certainly not to the Brown family. Is Christine trying to leave behind Kody Brown and his old rules? It seems so. Let’s look at the details below.

There has been a lot of talk all over the internet about whether Christine has left Kody Brown. It seems the reality star is keeping to her own world rather than Kody Brown’s. YouTube channel Without A Crystal Ball reports that Christine Brown is busy these days raising money for women and children suffering from domestic violence and those who have left the violent space and are now on their own. Most people take such steps when they themselves have suffered something similar.

The reality star has joined the group And the movement has been launched to share hope to abused people through resilience and empowerment.

Sister Wives: Fans Shocked As Christine Gets Vaccinated

The word affects COVID 19. People everywhere are rushing to get vaccinated. But why did Christine’s vaccination shock fans? Christine Brown recently announced on her Instagram about getting vaccinated.

Fans know that the Browns don’t support medical assistance such as vaccines, medications, doctors or the like. Instead, the family goes to natural remedies like herbal remedies and everything else.

Christine Brown herself was seen in the past advocating herbal remedies rather than pills. She was often seen talking about dietary changes and exercise to treat any symptoms.

Well, this time she chose the second option. This is yet another point that suggests Christine Brown is falling outside Brown’s rules and regulations.

There may be another side. Christine may have had to get vaccinated to be on the show. Maybe she could have done it to stay healthy and avoid the virus. That’s because a lot has changed in Christine over the years. She has begun to be progressive and stand up for the injustices of society.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist

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