Sister Wives: Fans Suspect He İs İn Quarantine With Robyn Brown During The Covıd-19 Pandemic

Sister Wives: Fans Suspect He İs İn Quarantine With Robyn Brown During The Covıd-19 Pandemic

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has posted photos during the quarantine without her husband after their anniversary celebration, as fans suspect he’s spending the lockdown with “favorite” wife Robyn Brown.

The third wife Christine Brown posted photos on social media of her and Kody on their 26th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

The pictures came as fans suspect that he has been in coronavirus quarantine with the fourth woman Robyn.

After the anniversary party Christine Brown posted videos and photos of their children without Kody in sight.

In a message with their youngest daughter Truley, Christine wrote: “Home school! It’s nice to help @truleygracebrown, even though we do homework and volunteer in her class, I just didn’t realize how smart she is. And we’re figuring out how to do regular math!” In another post, Christine shared videos of Truley and Gwendlyn depicting scenes.

First wife Meri and second wife Janelle also posted photos on social media without Kody. While the women have not responded to fan questions about who Kody is going into quarantine, there is speculation that it is Robyn.

One fan wrote about Reddit: “I think we all know the answer to these… They’d use the excuse that she has all the youngest children. And they’re the ones who would need 2 parents for quarantine to help with schoolwork and stuff like that. “But we all know it’s only so he can be with her for two weeks in a row.”

A second suspect: “He lives with Robyn Brown, sleeps with Robyn, puts her children to bed every night. He doesn’t spend time in the other houses.”

A third suspect wrote, “Like every other time, he lives with Robyn, no doubt. But socializing doesn’t mean he’s quarantined. “Families are still together, he can still go from house to house without risking anyone else.”

As Sister Wives fans know, Kody and Robyn have had marital problems with the current season. Kody threatened to “dissolve” his marriage to Robyn because she wants to rent a new house in Arizona while he wants to buy it.

Robyn Brown insisted on renting because she feared that buying a house would distract the family from building property they bought in June 2018.

All four women currently live in separate houses with their children in Arizona.

Kody Brown admitted to bullying Robyn into buying a house after he threatened to divorce a second time. But Kody also has marital problems with Christine.

At the show, Christine admitted that Kody is still angry with her because he was against his idea of building one house for the whole family instead of four separate houses.

She told her daughter about this week’s episode: “It has been so hard that I can’t even tell you how hard it has been. I want to build. I want to go there. I’m tired of wasting money anywhere. “I just want to build and go and I don’t want to move anymore.”

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