‘Sister Wives’: Fans Thinks They Know Why Kody Brown Keeps Uprooting His Family

The Brown family has officially left Las Vegas. The city that largely welcomed the alternative family would no longer be suitable for the Browns, at least according to Kody’s standards. Now the Sisters Wives clan is on its way to a brand new adventure in Flagstaff, Arizona, but fans find the reasoning suspect. Not only did the Browns rip their children from their schools, but they crashed them in the middle of a city that knows very little about polygamy. Fans on Reddit, however, theorize that the entire movement, and all previous movements, are for one reason and only one reason; to feed Kody Brown’s constant need for attention.

The move from Utah was an attention grabber

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The Browns were the first to attract viewers with their pink-colored portrayal of multiple family life, but that is not enough to hold viewers on a show; every show must have some drama, and the Browns have delivered spades. During the first seasons of the show, the Browns left Lehi, Utah under cover of darkness when they believed the state was ready to prosecute them because they lived as a multi-family family.

While the state of Utah has particularly strict laws against polygamy, fans theorize that the state didn’t care as much as the family claimed. A family member seems to confirm the theory. According to Radar, Kristyn Decker, Christine’s aunt, claims that the Utah family did not leave behind in the hurry they portrayed on the show. She claims that the clan had long intended to leave the state, but added a spoonful of drama to help the ratings of his show.

The family enjoyed relative anonymity in Las Vegas

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Christine, Meri and Janelle, as well as the children, seemed to enjoy Las Vegas. Not only could the family mingle in the larger city, but in a place like Vegas just about everything goes. Although polygamy may not be completely normal in Sin City, most residents and visitors to the city do not have the moral desire for multiple marriage that is common in a place like Utah.

Reddit users suspect that Kody might have decided it was time to move out of Vegas because he didn’t get the attention he wanted while living in such a liberal city. The theory, which has no real evidence to support it, depends on the idea that Brown himself is a bit of a focus-seeker and likes to be in the spotlight, even if it comes at the expense of his family.

Moving to Flagstaff could save a stagnant show

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Let’s be honest; the Browns will have to do something interesting to keep Sister Wives up and running. Fans need a bit of drama to be able to fine tune, and the family has already discussed Meri’s indiscretion and the mutual struggle between the wives. A move can be exactly what the doctor has ordered to captivate the ratings.

Moving to a locale such as Flagstaff will bring new challenges for the ever-growing family; especially when Kody looks for more women in the state of Grand Canyon. Not only do cameras roll while the family determines their living situation, but they will also follow the family while they get used to another community. Recording reactions and family interactions in Flagstaff will probably make the Browns buy another season or two from TLC.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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