‘Sister Wives’: Five places in five days but Meri Brown says “it’s good to be home too”

‘Sister Wives’ Five places in five days but Meri Brown says “it’s good to be home too”

Sister Wives fans long speculated that Meri pretty much left the family. And, tabloid reports seem to keep the theory alive. But, it’s probably because she spends so much time away from home. This week, Meri Brown announced that she visited five places in five days. However, she noted as an afterthought that it’s “good to be home too.”

Sister Wives fans suspect Meri Brown left Kody as she spends so much time away

Meri Brown becomes irritable with fans who ask if she’s left Kody . But really, she spends so much time away from Flagstaff and the family that one can hardly blame them for asking. After all, she’s got a lot of fans who genuinely hope she’s in a happy place. Actually, Meri Brown’s mostly in a happy place on her social media. It seems that the TLC twist always shows her tearful, unhappy and frustrated. That’s a paradox with what we see on her social media where she always looks happy and excited about life.

In October, we reported that Meri went off on yet another LuLaRoe cruise. Then we saw she went to Las Vegas where she stayed with friends. Shortly after that, she posted about a trip to Salt Lake City to do some Christmas shopping. Now, just a matter of days later, she returned to Flagstaff, dumped her suitcases and hit the road again. If you look at Meri Brown’s Instagram, the Sister Wives star actually seems to be away from her family more often than not.

Five places in five days but Meri says “it’s good to be home too”

‘Sister Wives’: Five places in five days but Meri Brown says “it’s good to be home too”

When Meri Brown said she’d been to five places in five days, she meant the trip to Salt Lake City then a short stop in Flagstaff before heading off again. She captioned her latest Instagram with, “Well here we go again! Atlanta here I come! 😊 Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas & Georgia all in the course of 5 days! 🚙✈😊.” No wonder fans worry that she might not be featured in the Sister Wives show again. Is she ever there to film? And, InTouch Weekly notes that there’s a strong possibility they are filming right now. That came via a clue from Christine Brown.

In answer to questions by fans, Meri said: “I was glad to have 2 suitcases, there is still one full at the weekend trip home hahaha.” Then he added as a late occurrence: “I love [traveling]! Although it’s definitely good to be home too!” Hmmm, well, some fans aren’t convinced of that. After all, making time for home and family is really part of a balanced life. But, it’s Meri’s life and she can do what she likes. And these days, traveling with LuLaRoe seems to please her much more than the company of Kody Brown and her family.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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