Sister Wives: Is Christine Brown Dating?

Sister Wives: Is Christine Brown Dating?

Christine Brown of Sister Wives is busy enjoying her toes in the dating pool. She admits, however, that she’s not ready to get too serious just yet. For now, she’s got a few ground rules in place, as she explores the dating scene, so as not to screw up her life with a serious lover.

Sister Wives: Is Christine Brown Dating?

After a very long marriage, Christine Brown doesn’t want to settle for just one man. She wants to explore the city and see what it has to offer. The TLC personality sat down with TODAY to discuss her dating life.

She confessed that she really only has one set rule right now. But that rule keeps her from getting into a scary situation with someone that quickly gets too serious. At the moment, she’s completely open to going out with a few guys. If the meeting goes well and they have fun, Christine Brown admits that she enjoys another evening with a man. However, she has now made a point of not going on third dates with anyone.

At the moment, she has set a strict limit that you can only enjoy one or two good nights with the same man. She believes this will prevent her from getting into anything too serious.

During a separate interview, Christine Brown revealed that she had discussed dating with her daughter Truely Brown. Truely admitted to her mother that she likes their life as it is now. And, she is not very interested in her mother seeing anyone.

So, it doesn’t seem that Christine would be able to have a serious relationship until her daughter opens up to the idea. Apparently, this is one of the reasons Christine breaks off after two dates. This way she does not go against her daughter’s wishes.

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