Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Leaving Kody Brown Or Not?

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Leaving Kody Brown Or Not?

Meri Brown’s plans to stay in the Brown family seem to be rather confusing for fans to understand. In one moment, she talks about being hurt and devalued in a relationship, but switches to talking about love in no time.

Fans are now fed up with Meri’s cryptic social media posts and want her to come clean. Amidst this, she has stopped following the cast members of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Leaving Kody Brown Or Not?

As of today, it seems that Meri Brown’s relationship with her polygamist husband Kody Brown is the worst compared to other spouses. Even Christine and Janelle have a hard time dealing with him.

However, it is Meri Brown who seems to be at the bottom of her husband’s list of priorities. The two of them hardly meet or communicate, and yet the first wife continues to be the dynamo of a plural marriage. Meri left Flagstaff for Utah to live in May this year. This was to run her late mother’s estate, which the TV star handled brilliantly.

But just when fans thought Meri might not be returning to Kody Brown, she announced she was back in Flagstaff. She even talked about love anot in her cryptic Instagram story. Her recent social media activity hinted that she might finally decide to pursue things with Kody.

As expected, Meri Brown has started posting cryptic posts again. But, what’s shocking is that she has unfollowed Kody Brown and all of her Sister Wives. As noted by YouTuber Without A Crystal Ball, Meri used to follow her family members and recently unfollowed everyone.

The only members of Brown’s family he currently keeps track of are some older children in the family. These include his own daughter Mariah and her partner Audrey, as well as Robyn’s daughters Breanna and Aurora and Christine’s daughter Ysabel.

As with the current situation, it is suspicious that Meri Brown does not follow her husband or her Sister Wives, although she is very active on social media. Yet, her activity on the platform is too mixed to find out whether she is still with Kody Brown or not.

Written by Evelyn Foster

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