Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Launches Weight Loss Empire

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Launches Weight Loss Empire

Janelle Brown has started a new weight loss company as part of her wellness business, Strive with Janelle. She has made health a priority and promotes fitness products, along with her former sister-wife Christine and daughter Maddie Brush.

Janelle has also tried new workouts, including axe throwing. The mother of six is dedicated to her fitness journey and has taken the next step by starting her own weight loss company.

Janelle Brown has registered a new company, JANELLE BROWN PLEXUS LLC, on November 29, 2022 at a business address she shares with NTYK LLC, a retail trade business. Her former sister-wife Christine Brown also has a similar LLC, PLEXUS WITH CHRISTINE LLC, registered in March of the previous year.

Janelle has lost 100 pounds through weight loss supplements and has been inspiring followers to prioritize their health and try new things. She previously started a website, Strive with Janelle, offering wellness coaching and weight loss support.

Janelle Brown was nervous about leaving Kody Brown due to her lack of assets compared to her Sister Wives. Meri had a B&B, Christine had a Flagstaff home, and Robyn had a mansion. Janelle wanted her own home and legacy for her children, leading to her insistence on building on Coyote Pass.

Eventually, she reached a breaking point with Kody and left, determined to make a living for herself. Now, she is successful in her wellness business and has added another business to her portfolio, registered in Arizona, indicating she has no plans to leave the area soon.

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