Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Makes Sacrifices To Sell Houses For Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown said that the large mortgages on his family’s Las Vegas homes could devastate them financially. The revealed this to the cameras, which will be shown in a coming episode. Kody Brown’s rather impulsive move to Flagstaff was certainly not well planned. Kody Brown should have had all his ducks in a row before he took on more debts.

Moving to a new town before he even sold one of the family’s four properties was foolish. Now as Kody Brown’s and his Sister Wives settle into life in Flagstaff, their tense financial situation guarantees a family meeting of all four women. Many fans are curious whether the Brown houses in Las Vegas are still for sale. This is what we know.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Makes Sacrifices To Sell Houses For Kody Brown

Viewers of Sister Wives remember that Kody Brown’s second wife, Janelle Brown, was a licensed real estate agent in the state of Nevada. So of course she was tapped into to mention, market and eventually sell the family’s four houses. Christine Brown’s house was the first to be put on the market in July 2018, followed by Janelle’s house a few weeks later.

What fans of Sister Wives don’t know is that Kody’s wife, Janelle, spent almost every weekend commuting between Flagstaff and Las Vegas to keep the houses open on the two houses.

Janelle has sacrificed her weekends for husband Kody Brown and her financial well-being,

However, Janelle Brown’s real estate permit expired when he closed in 2018. Kody Brown had to offer her house and Christine’s house again with another agent. He also mentioned for the first time the houses of both Meri Brown and Robyn Brown.

After six months on the market, several open houses and Janelle’s time dedicated to the sale, the property of Sister Wives remained unsold. Of course this came as a huge financial burden for Kody Brown and his family.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Makes Sacrifices To Sell Houses For Kody Brown

Christine Brown’s House Was First To List And Last To Sell

Did all four Sister Wives homes on the Las Vegas cul-de-sac of dreams eventually sell? Yes, but it took much longer than expected and sold much less than they had hoped for. Once you took into account the accounting costs of the mortgages, property tax, association fees and hazard insurance, Kody Brown didn’t go as well as he had expected.

Christine Brown’s house was the first to come on the market in July 2018, asking for $675,000 and eventually selling for $535,000 in September 2019.

Robyn Brown’s house was the third list and the first to be sold. Her house went on sale in January 2019 and asked for $619, 900 and was sold for $603, 000.

Janelle Brown’s house was then sold for $575,000 in April 2019. This was after it had been on the market since July 2018 with an initial asking price of $649,000.

Meri Brown’s house was the last to sell and the third to sell. Her house came on the market in January 2109 and asked for $599,999 and was sold in June 2109 for $574,900.

Christine Brown’s House Was First To List And Last To Sell

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Didn’t Cash Out On Top In Vegas

Kody Brown and his Sister Wives haven’t made as much money as they had hoped for on their four houses in Las Vegas. Each of the houses initially cost $450,000 each. So after expenses, the family cleaned up just over $400,000. That’s much less than the $800,000 they paid for their Coyote Pass country in Flagstaff. Kody and his four wives can suffer financial damage. It takes quite a penny to build every woman in their own house on the new land.

Money problems can be the reason why Kody dreams of having all four of his wives in one big house. Although they once lived that way, this time the women are not so open to Kody’s vision. Christine was the first to step behind this move, but now she is the most vocal opponent of the shared house.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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