Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Rental House – Meri Brown Calls It As She Sees It

Sister Wives Janelle Brown’s Rental House – Meri Brown Calls It As She Sees It

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is in a new rented house and Meri did not hide her feelings during a tour on the day they first landed in Flagstaff. It seems that Sister Wives season 14 is on the same day as the last season. Kody, his four wives and children roll from one house to another as they unload their belongings.

Janelle Brown’s Rental House – Meri Brown Calls It As She Sees It

Fans know they first went to Robyn Brown’s house. A tour of Robyn’s rented house took place in one of the last season episodes of Sister Wives. At the start of this new season, it seems that the house that Janelle Brown has rented for her family is next.

The vehicles of the Sister Wives park in the street in front of Janelle’s house. Then the women and children enter one by one with a box, while Kody orchestrates the move. It sounds like Meri is a bit sarcastic after she gets the first glimpse of the inside of Janelle Brown’s house.

Remember that they all just left Robyn’s house. That is where Kody gave his grandstand and flapping speech from the balcony overlooking the great room. As it looks now, Janelle’s entire house may fit into Robyn’s huge family room. It does not look like everything went well in the move of Sister Wives.

The Sister Wives recently broadcasted an extensive preview of the following season on the TLC channel. Although the video at the bottom of this article is part of it, the rest of the preview is not shown in the clips below.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Rental House – Meri Brown Calls It As She Sees It

Janelle Brown Knows Code for ‘Super Cute’ is Tiny

In the extended part, fans see Meri Brown walk into Janelle’s house. Meri says to Janelle, “this is super cute”. But there was an undertone of sarcasm in her childbirth. Janelle answers that her house is small. Meri agrees that it’s very small. Even the land is like a stamp in the picture above.

At least Meri Brown’s home sits on a cul de sac. Janelle Brown’s front door is just a few steps from the street. Not to mention the fact that she and her neighbour both opened a window, which they could probably shake hands from their house. That’s how close they are.

Then Kody shows no shame at the discrepancies between the houses that his Sister Wives now live in. After standing on that master bedroom balcony at Robyn’s house and playing king of the castle, he points out to Janelle that she doesn’t have a pantry.

Janelle and Kody have six kids together. While a few are out of the house via marriage or college, they still come back home for long visits. Looks like Janelle Brown might just be under pressure to find room for them if they do.

Sister Wives followers didn’t miss a thing. Especially when it came to Kody Brown who brought Robyn into a country house and Janelle Brown into a small house. It seems that Meri Brown didn’t miss the obvious difference either.

The video below is from TLC UK. They title it Sister Wives Season 9 for the UK. But in the US, it’s Season 14, which is about to roll out in a few weeks. Although both seasons contain the same episodes, the season numbers differ.

Sister Wives: Facial Grimaces as Kody Brown Spins a Yarn?

Meri, who is living alone, has a huge rental house. The women of Sister Wives were in charge of securing their own rental properties before moving to Flagstaff. But it seems that Janelle Brown was the only woman who tried to cut back because of their financial problems. In the premiere episode, it sounds like none of the Vegas houses have been sold yet.

When the family all walks into Janelle Brown’s house, it’s like an extra large hallway with the living room, dining room and kitchen. The rooms are all in a row and open.

But it looks like at least one of the bedrooms has some space.That’s the room that Janelle Brown gave to her son Gabriel Brown, who gave her a lot of trouble when she moved to Flagstaff.

Look for the facial expressions on the Sister Wives women during the video above. When Kody starts explaining the Flagstaff movement, he makes it sound like they were all for this. Some people looked surprised at that remark and they even look angry.

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  1. Meri you are a smart and beautiful lady. If it were me I would have left Kodi’s ass years ago. He is not willing to forgive you. There is someone out there far better for you. Your Sisterwives as you call them. They do not deserve your time.

  2. Isn’t it interesting that when they looked at the forested property that Meri liked, Robyn just couldn’t emotionally live there because she has a forest fire phobia. But when Kody saw fit to drop a mil on a mansion for her (in the forest), all of the sudden, Robyn is cured of her forest fire phobia?

  3. They had it made in Las Vegas. Their new homes were all in a cul du sac they had to themselves, within walking distance of each other. Putting them all under one roof is asking for problems. There is such a thing as too much togetherness. Moving to Flagstaff was foolish. Meri’s neighbors already rolled out the un-welcome wagon. Just wait until they build a monstrous home with 5 wives and all those kids under one roof – another Utah all over again.

  4. Why is it okay for Cody to have 4 wives and Meri can’t even have other love options? Just a question. I know she was cat fished but she should have the option. Cody need to move on and forgive her or let her go. Meri you are better than this.

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