Sister Wives: Janelle Expressed Her Dismay Over Not Living İn One Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Sister Wives: Janelle Expressed Her Dismay Over Not Living İn One Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown revealed that she would like the family to live “under the same roof” after Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine Brown, forced the other wives and children to live in separate houses.

In the current season of Sister Wives, 51-year-old Kody Brown planned to build a huge four-compartment house on land purchased in June 2018 called the Coyote Pass.

While first wife Meri, 49, second wife Janelle Brown, 50, and fourth wife Robyn Christine, 41, was open to the idea, Christine, 47, firmly opposed the idea and pushed for the construction of four houses on the property.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Janelle Brown explained how living in a house is particularly ideal during coronavirus quarantine.

She said, “I really think it would have been easier to deal with quarantine if we were all under the same roof, because we have to be so separate.

We need to limit family reunions, and if we were together our exposure would be one less person going to the supermarket instead of doing it for separated families”. There would be more camaraderie.

Janelle Brown added: “The children could stay in a house. We’d be out there on our own property with more things to do and fewer people exposed to the public”.

Kody Brown then explained how the family is unable to celebrate important milestones together. He said, “We have five birthdays coming up in April, and we won’t have any birthday parties, so it will be an emotional challenge for many children.

“This year I have one senior college graduate and three senior high school students and it looks like their degrees will probably be cancelled, so there will be a lot of disappointment.

During the show, Janelle Brown said that when Kody came up with the idea of a single house, the family lived in one house instead of four separate houses in a dead end.

She said, “We are a family. Our children feel like brothers and sisters, but our older children have a different kind of bond than our younger ones. The difference is dramatic. I really want that.” Even Meri and Robyn agreed.

But Christine Brown said, “I would never go back to that. Never again. I just don’t want to.” Janelle Brown said she was “frustrated” at Christine’s reaction.

In a later episode, Christine said how Kody, who has 18 children with his four wives, is still angry with her for rejecting the idea.

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