Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Wives Land In Coyote Pass

Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Wives Land In Coyote Pass

Sister Wives star Kody Brown owns some land that went up in value. Before the current season, Kody decided to move his four wives and large family to Flagstaff Arizona. He thought this was in the family’s best interest.

So now that the family’s been living in Flagstaff for about 18 months, fans question whether the move was all Kody Brown envisioned. Frankly, most fans feel the move was done in haste and not well thought out. Kody Brown promised a better life for his family in Flagstaff. However, the Browns drowned financially. If Kody had waited until they sold their homes in Las Vegas, things might have turned out differently with the uprooting of the clan.

Although, recent sales data shows Kody might have been spot on with the value of their Coyote Pass properties. Maybe Kody Brown and the Sister Wives should cash it in while they’re ahead? Here’s what we know about the building in Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown And Wives Land In Coyote Pass

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown and his four wives bought approximately 12 acres of land in Flagstaff known as Coyote pass. Together they paid $820,000 for the land that is divided into 4 parcels, 3 about 2.5 hectares and one about 5 hectares. Interesting to know, the biggest plot is Christine’s, not Robyn’s.

Kody paid $170,000 for two parcels, $180,000 for one parcel and $300, 000 for the large parcel. The family put down 10% as a down payment. So mortgages on the four parcel run about $4000 a month plus property taxes. Keep in mind that this is for rough unbuilt land. Kody and the Sisters Wives will probably need building loans to build homes for each wife and their families on the land. However, this has taken a back seat like their Las Vegas homes, which took more than a year to sell all four of them.

How Much Is Coyote Pass Worth Today?

The Coyote Pass property bought by the five Sister Wives spouses is up significantly in value. In fact, Kody Brown should strongly consider selling the land and cash in while they are on top. Recent sales in the area for the Coyote Pass show that the 2.5-acre package would cost $230,000 today. That’s almost 33% more than what the Browns paid, so overall that makes their $820,000 investment worth about $1,100,000.00. That’s almost a $300,000 profit in 18 months!

Sister Wives: Should Kody Brown Sell While Ahead?

As of now, there’s been no building activity on the land owned by the Browns. Well, except for TLC filming crews. Additionally, Kody and legal wife Robyn recently bought a huge 5 bedroom house and an additional parcel of adjacent land for close to $900,000 a few months ago. Sister Wives fans remember that Christine Brown already owns a house in Flagstaff, so only Janelle Brown and Meri Brown still need permanent housing. Selling the Coyote Pass would make financial sense. However, Kody hasn’t made the best real estate decisions in the past, so don’t count on her making a smart one now.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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