Sister Wives: Kody Brown Didn’t Logan Brown’s Birthday Celebration!

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Didn’t Logan Brown’s Birthday Celebration!

The eldest of the Brown family’s 18 children recently turned 27. His mother and Sister Wives star Janelle Brown was proud to celebrate her oldest son’s birthday. The mother-son duo was reunited with his longtime girlfriend, Michelle. However, the one important person missing from the birthday photos was his father Kody Brown.

Well, the polygamist has been accused of favouring his youngest wife. So not attending his eldest son’s birthday party under such circumstances doesn’t look good for him.

Logan Brown is not only the eldest of Janelle Brown’s six children, but he is also the first child of Kody’s 18 children from his multiple marriages. Many may not remember, but he appeared on the TLC show back when it premiered.

However, it wasn’t until after two seasons that she stepped out of the reality TV world. Now that Sister Wives has entered its fifteenth season, she is hardly mentioned in episodes. On top of that, the 27-year-old also maintains a very private life, including his own secure social media accounts. So the only time we see him is when Janelle Brown or her siblings are with him or uploading pictures of him.

The eldest Brown child had been studying in Las Vegas for years. Now her LinkedIn profile says she’s been working for a company as a community development manager. The TLC alum recently turned 27 and his mother proudly shared her birthday wishes.

She uploaded pictures of him and his girlfriend to her Instagram story, along with a heartwarming post. Fans were amazed at how much he’s grown in the past few years. Others complimented him and said he looks a lot like Kody Brown. However, some fans also had concerns.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Didn’t Logan Brown’s Birthday Celebration!

Well, Kody Brown has 18 children and it’s understandable that he might miss someone’s birthday at some point. However, fans noticed that Logan’s mom Janelle drove from her house in Flagstaff, Arizona to Las Vegas.

So they all asked why Kody Brown didn’t join her for her eldest child’s birthday. Logan is doing well in life and his mom couldn’t be more proud. She occasionally uploads pictures of him and he’s also in some of her homecoming photos. However, in almost none of the new pictures are Logan and Kody Brown together and fans are upset about it. They believe that amid accusations that Kody prefers his youngest wife, he should be more careful about these affairs.

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  1. Who ever wrote the article has no business doing so! First of all I believe the heading is missing a word? “Kody Brown didn’t Logan Brown’s Birthday celebration” Didn’t what? Of course we know what it meant but still. Also ” The mother-son duo and HER long time girlfriend Michelle…” You mean HIS girlfriend??

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