Sister Wives: Kody Brown Got İmpatient With Truely Brown During The Lesson

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Got İmpatient With Truely Brown During The Lesson

While his wives were away, Kody Brown took nine-year-old Truely Brown and seven-year-old Solomon for cycling lessons.

The ‘Sister Wives’ dad of 18 said he knew it could be a challenge, because Truely Brown sometimes had problems with anxiety and fear. “Christine Brown warned me to teach her,” he said. “She had a little trouble teaching her how to ride a bike.”

Really, who was born around the same time that Kody Brown married his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, agreed with her father’s concerns. “I’m really nervous about riding a bike,” admitted the fourth grader. “I doubt it’ll go so well.”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Got İmpatient With Truely Brown During The Lesson

Kody Brown’s lesson was a challenge from the beginning. The bike he had bought his daughter was too big, and he had to replace it with a smaller one. “I didn’t realize, when I bought the bike for her, that she would have big problems,” he said.

Kody Brown and his daughter bickered back and forth as he struggled to run alongside her and help her learn how to brake. And Truffaldly had absolutely none of that. “See? That’s why I needed you to keep her.” Exactly he exclaimed as he wobbled to the side and almost fell. “I don’t feel safe!

“You’ll have to have faith,” Kody Brown warned her, but his patience didn’t last long. “You’re going too fast! Please let me stop!” She really begged, before Kody Brown finally let go and decided that something deeper could happen.

“I’m really trying to be patient,” Kody Brown said, but he confessed that he finally had to give in.

The father-daughter duo of the Sister Wives argued that Truely Brown had the right to choose whether or not to learn to ride a bike.

“I don’t want to,” insisted the nine-year-old boy. But his father simply said, “Too bad.” “That’s not fair. I should be able to choose,” Truely Brown replied, but Kody Brown said he was “too young to choose. He even told her that there is “no crying in baseball,” to which she replied hilariously, “This isn’t baseball, this is riding a bike.

And yet, he was adamant. He told the producers of the Sister Wives that he had the right to decide whether to ride a bike or not. “It’s not fair at all,” he exclaimed. “It’s my choice. This is my body, and I’m not going to ride a bike.”

Eventually, Kody Brown backed out and realized that Truely’s fear might be deeper than he realized. “As a parent, I’m aware that there may be something I don’t understand,” admitted the star of Sister Wives. “I’m going to have to consult with his mother and try to figure it out.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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