Sister Wives: Kody Brown Looks Uneasy About Neighbor Discussion

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Looks Uneasy About Neighbor Discussion Sister Wives: Kody Brown Looks Uneasy About Neighbor Discussion

Sister Wives star Kody doesn’t have his verbal dukes up this time around defending his polygamy lifestyle against the naysayers. Maybe he’s learned to pick his battles.This would be the reason that the sister women have a common husband who apparently does an over-face.

Kody Brown appeared to realize the discussion on the new season promo might stir things up for his family in Flagstaff. It seems that Meri Brown has endured a tough ordeal with a neighbour. But when she talks about this in the new season, Kody Brown doesn’t come in his usual way of defending polygamy.

First of all the Sister Wives patriarch saw Flagstaff as a place where his family’s lifestyle wouldn’t be judged. For the most part, Kody Brown was probably right in his assumption about the friendly people in Flagstaff. But as the old saying goes… there’s always one in every crowd.

Kody Brown Looks Uneasy About Neighbor Discussion

It looks like Meri got the luck of the draw this time around. Her neighbors didn’t seem to waste any time in delivery their negative views on polygamy. The new season opens at the place where the last Sister Wives season ended. It’s the first day she rolls into Flagstaff and Meri explains that she was alone with Kody Brown in her new rental house when the police showed up.

Kody Brown sat with his four wives in front of the Sister Wives cameras on the new TLC released preview clip. Meri Brown previously unveiled the news to the family about how a neighbour made a nasty protest to a polygamous family coming in.

Janelle Brown, as well as the other wives, looked upset after learning what the neighbor said to Meri Brown. Basically, the matriarch of the Sisters Wives was told that no one wants their race in their neighborhood.

Kody Brown looked uneasy as Meri Brown described how the police showed up at her house. Kody Brown and his first wife were just closing the rented moving van when they emptied it. She explains that a Flagstaff neighbor called the police.

While on the Sister Wives couch Meri continued this story. But Kody Brown interrupted. Turns out he didn’t want her to say anything. At the same time Janelle was worried about their future in Flagstaff. She asks what they did with that Flagstaff move.

Sister Wives: Papa Brown Worried About Opening Can of Worms?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Looks Uneasy About Neighbor Discussion

Instead of Kody Brown going into the mode defending their rights as a polygamous family, he attempted to muffle the situation.He talked about making friends while he looked uncomfortable during the conversation. This takes place in TLC’s 15-minute preview show, which is titled “First Look – Kicked Out”.

Veteran Sister Wives fans know how frantic Kody Brown’s family was when the police visited their home in Utah. The threat of arrest hanging over their heads as a result of their polygamous marriage frightened the women. Kody Brown was furious at the time and didn’t hide his feelings from the camera. This time he seems different.

The problems in Utah prompted the Sister Wives to move out during the night and without notice to schools, friends, or neighbors. But now, after all these years of feeling safe from persecution in Vegas, they are greeted by threats on their first day in Flagstaff. So, of course, the women sound upset. But Kody looks a little shy when the conversation comes up.

He tries to brush it aside and suggests they attempt to make friends with the neighbors. Maybe Kody Brown realizes that discussing the neighbors could open a can of worms for the Brown family as new Flagstaff residents. He might also remember how the show’s attention-seeking ended with a quick move out of town.

Sister Wives: Don’t Want to Rub All Neighbors the Wrong Way?

This was just one neighbor but the publicity spun from this story puts Flagstaff residents in the spotlight. While a neighbour did rattle the family, that doesn’t mean that the people in Flagstaff feel the same way.

Meri Brown has every right to feel the way she does after her visit from the police thanks to a neighbor. But it attracts negative attention by taking out the Sister Wives series. So this could upset Papa Brown.

It looks as if this is the last thing Kody Brown wants to discuss. It seems he doesn’t want to seduce fate by drawing even more attention to that police visit. But he may not want to put the people of Flagstaff in the spotlight either, because they just moved there.

It looks as if it’s a slippery slope for the Sister Wives tribe. That’s probably why Kody Brown seemed a bit on edge as they talk about the neighbors in the promo clip. Some viewers of Sister Wives pointed to their original plans for four houses of the Coyote pass to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

It looks as if the land is far enough removed from neighbors. Until then it seems that they might have to walk a bit on eggshells when it comes to the people living in their neighbourhood. Looks like Kody Brown may have already started that walk.

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  1. This story is total B.S. because Kody is only legally married to 1 woman. The police don’t get involved in your private lives and if Kody wants to have 10 girlfriends on the side, IT’S NOT ANYONE’S BUSINESS, INCLUDING THE POLICE. So this is fabricated and so is the Utah story.
    Stop and think people, this is all for show ratings…

  2. I think it’s sick and wrong! Not to mention all the psychological Damage Done to everyone involved. Yes I agree that a man can have whatever lifestyle he chooses if the women involved. But on another note we can all see the damage that his lifestyle is causing to everyone around him his so-called wives and children. If no one can see the damage this has done to Marie alone are blind. Cody is a sick male chauvinistic pig that gets his cake and eats it too. These poor desperate women fall in line because again they feel desperate. I feel Cody is using religion to live his perverse lifestyle. Hundreds of years ago there was a reason for this type of Lifestyle. In today’s day and age this type of Lifestyle is an Abomination that’s why it was changed and made illegal. I really feel for those women because they are so desperate. Can’t they see Robin is his favorite? How would you women feel in there place knowing that you were just a second choice that your husband had a favorite wife?

    • Nell it would not happen to me. If my husband came home and began talking about having more wives i would throw his butt out and tell him go get as many as you like. But not with me! Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn as obviously miserable and they can preach their religion all they want. But what they are doing has messed them and their children up. Then to put themselves on TV thinking the world will adore them is ludicrous. Kody may think he is a good husband and father but in truth, he is disgusting and the women are beyond fools to live like they have. And once Robyn came into the picture the other 3 were toast. Actually once Janelle came in, Meri was toast, then when Christine came in Janelle was toast. Give it time and Kody will find another idiot and Robyn will be right down there with the other 3. And they are all surprised that none of their children want plural marriage. What a bunch of dopes!

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