Sister Wives: Kody Brown Neighbors Cause One Wife to Move?

Sister Wives Kody Brown Neighbors Cause One Wife to Move

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his four wives settled in Flagstaff, Arizona, but one of the women was allegedly evicted from her tenement by neighbors. Now that TLC has given the official word that the 14th season of the sister women is on its way, some new treats and announcements have been added.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown Neighbors Cause One Wife to Move?

Kody Brown moved his Sister Wives family to Flagstaff, AZ when last season ended. Three of his wives secured rental apartments while Christine Brown bought a house. Kody Brown organized the move pretty quickly, so it was difficult to find a rental apartment that would allow Christine’s pets. This caused the responsible pet owner to buy a house where she could keep her pets.

The other three sister women, Meri Brown, Robyn Brown and Janelle Brown, rented houses in their new town. Recent reports show that both Robyn and Meri have moved from their original leases. And the landlords allegedly sold these rents, but is this really the case for Meri and Robyn?

The TLC preview of Sister Wives Season 14 shows that one of Kody Brown’s four women is forced to leave her tenement. It is now claimed that her neighbors have driven her out of the house. Since only Meri and Robyn moved, it seems to make sense that it is one of them.

So by deductive reasoning, either Kody Brown’s first or fourth wife moved over friction with neighbors. When the Sister Wives clan first rented their houses in the time of Arizona, the landlords allegedly banned filming in two of the houses.

Filming Banned at Two of the Rental Homes?

This left the filming locations at a minimum. Then we learned that the production team had rented a warehouse in Flagstaff for some of the shoots. Fans have already seen the Sister Wives brood at this place. They used it for Tell All at the end of season 13.

So, Kody Brown bought Flagstaff with Robyn for just under a million dollars. They moved into this house when Robyn left her original location. Robyn’s first rented house appeared in the last season of Sister Wives.

The fans didn’t see the other wives’ houses until the end of last season. The shooting took place at Robyn’s house at the end of last season. So, it seems to eliminate his original house in Flagstaff as one of the houses with a ban on filming.

Then, Christine owning her house, Meri and Janelle became the only two houses where filming was banned. When more than a dozen moving vehicles drove into Robyn’s new neighborhood last season, the neighbors came out in droves. And the Sister Wives’ cameras shot at Robyn’s house too. This seems to eliminate its location like the one with the shooting ban.

Sister Wives Meet Gladys Kravitz of Robyn Brown’s Neighborhood

Remind the neighbor that fans called Gladys Kravitz from the Robyn neighborhood. He reminded the viewers of the Wife Sisters to Bewitched’s curious neighbor. (It is a dated, but adequate reference). Because she came out asking all kinds of questions, even to whom all these children belonged.

Kody Brown’s wife who reportedly left her home due to neighbors was not mentioned in the advances. But it is probably Robyn or Meri since these two have already moved to a second home. But what wife would probably cause friction to the neighbors?

Judging by their social networks, Meri is almost never at home. She travels a lot with her LuLaRoe sales position. Then, there is Robyn with five children and, according to reports, Kody Brown is there most of the time. Robyn and Kody planned to use the huge rental house for family gatherings as well.

Then, perhaps the traffic of the film crew of the Sisters Sisters grew too much for Robyn’s neighbors. But, it could be Meri or Janelle, since they also rent. The report did not say what happened to the neighbors, so it could be just a nosy neighbor stirring the pot. We will discover more as the new season arrives next year.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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