Sister Wives: Kody Brown Not In Love With All His Wives

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Not In Love With All His Wives

Sister Wives fans have experienced problems over the years between Kody Brown and his wife. Now, viewers are attacking Kody for failing to nurture his relationship with his wives.

Many believe that Brown has failed his wives, with the exception of Robyn, when it comes to marriage. Originally, Sister Wives began as a wholesome reality series designed to show a family’s struggle with their lives and the law. Initially, the Browns lived together under one roof in Lehi, Utah. Then the family received a tip that Kody Brown might be arrested, so they fled to Las Vegas.

The Browns seemed to be happily settled in their new home. But Kody Brown decided to move them out of their home once again and moved them to Flagstaff, Arizona.

In fact, he didn’t listen to his wives’ worries about moving because he had already made his decision. This put a lot of strain on all his relationships.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Not In Love With All His Wives

Kody Brown made it quite clear in the season 15 finale that he’s no longer in love with all his women. He told the cameras that in his world, romance and falling in love is saved for people who are in love.

This was mainly directed at his first wife Meri Brown. But viewers believed the same was true of all his partnerships. In fact, fans on Reddit believe that Kody Brown is turned off by love and is just looking for a way to survive. Fans of the TLC reality series believe that Kody Brown gives up too quickly when it comes to his multiple relationships. Brown seems to lack the motivation to keep those relationships and prioritize those in need.

Kody Brown is often accused of favouring his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and fans believe this could be his downfall. With the sea hanging by a thread, Christine openly contemplated leaving Kody this season.

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