Sister Wives: Kody Brown Puts His Foot Down With Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Puts His Foot Down With Meri Brown

Sister Wives season 14 starts with Meri Brown in a twist of fate, as it is Kody Brown who inhibits the relationship and not Meri. The first woman is a little despondent after learning that Kody Brown doesn’t want to work on their fragile relationship.

So it doesn’t look like Meri Brown is ending things with her shared husband, as fans on social media believe. Kody seems to be dealing with an unforeseen event that Meri Brown can’t or won’t meet. A very indignant sounding Kody Brown claims he can’t be honest with Meri because she won’t change.

This scene with Sister Wives doesn’t seem to be going well. It seems that the tension between Meri Brown and Kody Brown reappears in several scenes from the seasonal forecast.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Puts His Foot Down With Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Puts His Foot Down With Meri Brown

There doesn’t even seem to be a bit of romance flickering between the matriarch and patriarch of Sister Wives. Kody and Meri continue counselling. They see the same therapist they have worked with before. Meri explains everything to the counsellor that Kody refuses to work on their relationship.

Meri Brown does not think that the man she shares with three other women is interested in restoring their deteriorated relationship. Kody Brown is stuck with one thing and this causes a roadblock that just won’t admit it.

Kody Brown puts his foot down. He tells the therapist that he won’t go any further because Meri doesn’t stop seeing himself as a victim. So what does Papa Brown want Meri Brown to do? The patriarch is not the first family member to do this with Meri.

Give It Up and He’ll Come Back?

Sister Wives fans probably remember when Mariah Brown, the daughter of Meri and Kody, asked her mother to stop considering herself the victim. But Mariah did not offer her mother an ultimatum like Kody Brown does today.

Their daughter asked Meri to stop playing the victim in her catfishing saga. It sounds as if this is the same thing Kody Brown refers to during the wedding accompaniment. It seems that Kody will only work on his relationship with Meri Brown when she finally admits that she was not a victim, but a willing participant.

Although he doesn’t give details of Meri Brown’s ‘victim’ role, one can only assume that it has something to do with that scandal. Talk about re-dredging old wounds. Why can’t Sister Wives’ husband just let things go?

Sister Wives: Meri and Kody Relationship Demise?

It is important to note that this new season of TLC’s Sister Wives starts on the day the family first entered Flagstaff. This is exactly where last season left off. So it sounds like not enough time has passed for any progress in this relationship.

It seems that Kody Brown is demanding that Meri Brown stop playing the victim. But at the same time it seems that she doesn’t want to do that too much. Another Sister Wives party is heard when Robyn Brown tries to help out. Instead of helping out, it looks like Kody Brown is in Robyn about defending Meri.

This scene takes place at Coyote Pass with the other members of the family wandering around. In this scene Kody screams and does a dance while complaining about someone.

After Sister Wives patriarch does the dance and claims to be tired of it, it sounds as if Meri Brown is the object of his anger. But that anger is directed at Robyn when he yells at her for defending Meri.

So far the dating scene, Kody almost silenced their dating again in last season’s last episode, the Tell All. In the preview video, they look like two angry people.

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