Sister Wives: Kody Brown Takes Another Wife?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Takes Another Wife?

Sister Wives Star Wives Kody Brown already has four wives and it does not seem that he is on the market for a fifth wife. However, a 2-year-old rumour is once again making rounds online with a picture of a woman. The online scuttlebutt says she is a secret wife of Kody Brown and will be revealed a future season of the TV series Sister Wives.

However, it seems to be just a rumor. But the story comes back like a zombie.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Takes Another Wife?

Kody Brown keeps a lot of things secret between seasons. He is not very active on social media when the Sister Wives show is on break. Even as a new season approaches, Kody keeps almost everything to himself.

It’s the opposite of Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife. Meri Brown has taken a new independent look in her online messages since the end of last season. Many fans believe she is ready to fly the Sister Wives cooperative. This leads to the rumor of the fifth woman.

Some fans think Kody Brown has a replacement backstage? And even display a photo that has been in circulation for more than two years. The rumour is reported as a fact and it is a vicious circle.

Wife Number Five – Really?

As you can see in the post above, the poster states that Leigh is Kody’s fifth wife, but she won’t show up until the following season.

The fact that Meri Brown and Kody have problems adds fuel to the fire. Many fans think TLC will drop the show if Kody Brown has less than four wives, so the rumor of replacement continues to emerge.

Although TLC’s preview for next season describes Meri Brown and Kody Brown working on their marriage through therapy, who knows if it worked. Sister Wives fans will not know until the start of the new season.

Sister Wives: Signs, Clues, and Possibilities

As in the DiVinci code, people look for signs and clues and cling to everything. His real estate is often perceived by zealous fans as a clue to a fifth secret wife.

Kody Brown owns seven properties in Flagstaff. This includes half of the house that Kody and Christine Brown bought when they first moved to Flagstaff. Then there are the four parcels of land on Coyote Pass that we saw during the last season of Sister Wives.

Last but not least, there is Robyn’s new home, Flagstaff. Although there are six properties, the documents of the owner of the Flagstaff property show that Kody bought another property near Robyn’s new home. That makes seven properties, but only one has no resident sister-wife.

Where Oh Where Would Wife Number Five Go?

Kody Brown plans to build a giant house, with a section for four wives. Some fans look at the house closely and think they see clues. When Kody was discussing the plans for the big house with the designer, he wanted a section of his own.

They think it was the code of another section of the plan for a possible fifth wife for Kody Brown? But if Meri Brown goes, punk, they won’t need five seats.

A fifth wife for Kody is a little hard to believe right now. Although last February, rumours spread that Kody had taken this woman as her spiritual wife. His name suddenly appeared on Wikimedia and then noted. But as with all wikis, anyone can get information, and generally false information and rumours disappear.

One thing is for sure, the Sister Wives clan, as well as TLC, know how to advertise.

Sister Wives observers will have to plug into the new season to see where Kody Brown and his four wives have taken them so far. But a fifth woman? It’s a difficult thing to keep secret.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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