Sister Wives: Kody Brown wants to build one house for all four wives and their children on their new land in Arizona.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown wants to build one house for all four wives and their children on their new land in Arizona.

Season 9 of Sister Wives is just around the corner. The trailer for the hit TLC show highlights plenty of drama and conflict between Kody and his four wives: Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown. In the trailer, Kody proposes an idea to build one house on their piece of land for all four women. The Brown family has been torn apart with regard to their next step and is not sure how they will survive the challenges they face.

The seldom-seen world of a polygamist family is documented in TLC’s hit show Sister Wives. The follows around alpha husband Kody and his four wives with their combined 18 children. The family was forced out of Utah due to strict laws and now are trying to live as a family in a society that looks down on their lifestyle.After they decided to move from Las Vegas to remove the judgment on their family, they have just moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, where they start again. However, there are many obstacles because the women live in four different houses in the same city instead of in the same street, which only makes Kody’s time thinner.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown wants to build one house for all four wives and their children on their new land in Arizona.

The hit TLC will be premiering in the New Year on Sunday, January 5th. TLC just released a trailer and there seemed to be a lot in store for Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Season 9 will be kicking off with plenty of drama. The new season will face down he family’s financial struggle as the Brown’s move from sin city to Flagstaff. It is no surprise for fans that the move has caused financial problems within the family. The move to Arizona didn’t help the situation of the big family either, because the sale of their four houses in the same street turned out to be much more difficult than they had expected. The real estate market hit a low point and second wife; Janelle had to go back to Las Vegas every weekend to keep open houses, although there was no interest – check out the trailer below (via Monsters and Critics):

Cristine, who is the third wife of Brown agreed in the preview clip that her family was in trouble and that they all were financially drowning. According to the sneak peek, Janelle did warn her husband that it could take a full year to sell all four homes to which Kody replied that it would devastate them saying in a family meeting that it can not happen. Before the meeting, the women had already been torn between exterminating their families or remaining in their seats, and it did not help that an option when moving was to live in one house. The four women had lived together when they had one house in Utah, but have since added Robyn to the family. The women had become accustomed to living in separate houses since they moved to Nevada. Of course, Kody wanted to make the idea a reality, because it would save him time going back and forth between houses. Christine was the most outspoken that she would do it ‘not for a second’.

Season 9 will also bring joy to the family as Maddie Brown Brush will give a second at-home birth of the couple’s second child. Meri’s daughter, Mariah Brown who came out as gay last season, will also become engaged to fiancée Audrey Kriss. Meri and Kody still have problems with their marriage and try therapy, but say they are not behaving like a married couple. While on the other hand, Kody argued with Robyn (who is said to be his favorite wife) and told her that he wished that she would stand up for herself. Fans were shocked after seeing the trailer and are interested in what the new episodes will show.

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