Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s wives asked for separate entrances into their potential shared home

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s wives asked for separate entrances into their potential shared home

After the Brown family moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Kody Brown revealed his old dream of living with his four wives and many children in one big, communal home. But his wives, especially the third wife Christine Brown, were not so enthusiastic about the idea. Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, was the only one who was clearly in favour of it.

When Kody Brown discussed his dream with his wives, one detail of the blueprints stuck out on them: a single entrance to the four parts of the women’s house. Kody Brown explained that this was probably the only option if the family needed a city permit to build on the family’s grounds in Coyote Pass.

Brown wives were concerned with jealousy and privacy with only one entry. They weren’t sure they wanted their sister wives to see their comings and goings with their husband.

“So you and Christine Brown are going on a hot date and everyone’s allowed to watch?” Kody’s fourth wife Robyn asked for it. Christine added, “What, everybody gets too high five on the way out?”

“Going out on a date, too, that’s like, really personal,” Christine added to Sister Wives producers. “In [our house in] Wyoming, we had an entrance… it’s no fun.”

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown thought her sister wives were overblowing the problem

Janelle Brown, meanwhile, thought the other women were a little dramatic. “Don’t look out the door unless you want to see Kody Brown dating another wife,” she sarcastically told the TLC producers.

“Why are you even watching?” Janelle Brown added. “It’s a common area. Are you going to stand at your door all night to see where Kody is? I don’t have time for this.”

Meri Brown added that Kody wouldn’t have the space he wanted with just one entrance, where all his wives would know exactly where he was at all times. “If he’s worried about being tracked, he did it right there,” said the star Sisters Wives.

Robyn added that the problem wasn’t just affection and romance. “What if we were arguing as we walked through the door? Then we’ll all hear it,” Kody’s younger wife wondered.

“If it gets really noisy and you can’t control yourself like the ladies and gentlemen, then you deserve to be heard,” Janelle said.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. Its plural marriage you all signed up for. Now you want a one on one relationship without a reminder that its plural. How hypocritical! So much for your religious views. If you truly believed in it you would be joyous that affection abounds in all your husband’s family among all his God chosen wives. Hogwash! You just proved why polygamy is wrong.

  2. They should provide a trap door of sorts a square price of floor cut out in the corner of the bedroom floors of each wives bedroom with a stare case spiral or ladder that leads down to the garage to provide a separate entrance this way their is no separate entrance to the house per say that the city could bock at.

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