Sister Wives: Kody Says Christine Turned Him Off

Sister Wives: Kody Says Christine Turned Him Off

Nowadays, fans don’t know exactly what to think of Kody Brown’s relationship with his wives. The Sister Wives family seems to be on the move, with Meri Brown taking a bit of a distance, especially when it comes to social media. Moreover, the financial problems and squabbling have raised the stress in the family to new heights. Surely it doesn’t help that Kody Brown admits that Christine Brown once turned him off?

Sister Wives: Kody Says Christine Turned Him Off

It seems that Kody had a more superficial streak in him during his youth. Before he married Christine Brown in his Sister Wives family, Kody Brown ended up feeling strongly disgusted by the now starlet.

As reported by Soap Dirt, Brown decided to take Christine Brown on a road trip with Meri Brown. At that moment he is in love with Christine and refers to her as “the cutest girl in the world”, but he also finds it necessary to point out her “chubby”.

With Meri Brown in the front seat and Christine Brown in the back seat, Kody Brown had a clear view of Christine Brown in the rear view mirror. When they stopped to grab a bite to eat at a roadside store, things took a turn for Kody.

Christine Brown decided to have a snack with nachos, and it seems that Kody couldn’t stand it. In Becoming Sisters Wives: The story of an unconventional marriage, Kody Brown explained how he felt.

Apparently, “seeing this chubby girl [Christine]… devouring chilikaas nachos for breakfast” was enough for Kody’s stomach to start with slippers. Not Kody’s finest moment.

Lately times have been hard for the Sister Wives family. There has been a lot of fierce fighting about their living situation and about several other things the family members disagree with. Kody Brown suggests that it all takes a toll on his interest.

“When I was younger, I used to enjoy watching my wives play and have fun with each other. I’m exhausted, I think,” he said to Sister Wives producers in February.

“I don’t see multiple marriages in the same light as before. I’m struggling with plural marriage and I’m struggling with my wives and I’m struggling with their conflict. We are now in a phase of our lives where we are far apart and we are struggling with each other,” he added.

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  1. Kody has created the mess they are all in. He insisted on moving. He had no plan for what to do if their houses did not sell quickly. No plan for where they would live, once they got there. He acts and talks like he can’t stand Meri, but willingly takes any money she can contribute to digging him out of the money pit he created. It is like he is a drama queen. And needs the chaos. Those wives are saints. I’m sure there aren’t too many women who would put up with his crap! On top of that, most of the women are working full time or part time. Did he mention he doesn’t work? Seriously?!

  2. Kourtney didn’t think she was right for Scott Disick either and yet she had three children with him? Why ?
    Let him be and find who he feels is right for him. Might surprise you. After all he thought you were right for him.

  3. I think kody is not handsom at all
    But he thinks he all it. I thi.k way he fell out of love with Mary and she was his first wife
    She should been one he should turned around divorced Robin and married her back. Cause she lost him after that. Ladies go get on that boat get as far from him as u can. I could not or would not live this way. You need go find separate man you be much happier ladies
    Let him go.but I want my man at home with me only. And ge so stupid. I dont watch this show no more. Got so ignorant to my family
    Ladies go get you a real job and let his ass go far away.if he cares that much for Robin then let him have her.she nothing special.she needs understand Mary helped her. And you all let her in the marriage. She’s so stupid too. If she stays. Robin one that made Mary unhappy cause she lost him to her by divorce
    Which Robin should had gave Mary back her husband later. I blame her and him for Mary confusions

  4. They are in the mess they are in because of his impulsive decisions. No plan whatsoever. What was the rush to disrupt everyone’s lives like that, specially the kids just because he felt like it. They could have stayed in Vegas while sorting things in Flagstaff, but no, he had to have his way. All that moving and then Meri and Robyn having to move right after they get there, Meri had to move twice for God’s sake!!! Wasting money in rent and mortgages and planning on building that monstrosity of a house that no one but one wife agreed on. I mean, they are also getting money from the show but he is wasting it as soon as it comes in.

  5. Wow kody…you ain’t half the man you think you are…you think the women are supposed to support you with money. I never see you buying anything. You think you are God gift to women but you are the way you do is DISCUSSTING!!!!!!wow.l got lot more to say but l do it another day…..SICKOS!!!!!!!!

  6. I always found Kody to be gross. I think they all can be unfair to the 1st wife who gave her position to allow him to marry the last one. Who did not have a pot…this plural thing is a bit much. I think all the women can do much better INDIVIDUALLY without Kodi.

  7. Never saw what ANY of these women found in Kody….he’s an ASS. He uses and abuses these gals. And his kids. The ONLY one he deserves is the last one he married..what’s her name..?
    ROBIN…!! She’s a Bitch. They make a good they BOTH have to be center of attention. Worse thing he ever did was divorcing Meri…..he doesn’t deserve her. She to good for that idiot. WALK ON AWAY MERI….!!!

  8. It seems to me men with multiple wives just don’t bother to get divorced and just take another wife to sleep with until they get tired of the new wife again! Is that the way you see it? Then they just use the other wives for working and supporting their own children and hopefully contribute more money for their husband. All under the false pretense of attaining becoming a higher place in heaven. What a bunch of bulls***!

  9. This man is soooooo SAD he needs help,They gave you Children and the love they have and you talk down adout them.Everyone can see you only want ROBYN or ROBIN but dont forget your Children SEE what you think they DONT.Ladies let him take that thinnnnnn hair he love and go away😂😂😂😂😂.

  10. I think that Kody is a golddigger and lazy. He’s not even good for or takes anytime for his 19 children!! He is a poor excuse for a man!! He lives off someone who he acts like he hates! Who is dear sweet wonderful Meri. I want for Meri and Janelle to leave this man. And Christine and UGLY BLAH Robin can have him!!!

  11. I find great interest in this situation only watching the show because I am waiting for the women to tell him to fridge off , to buy his own bologna, to sell his fancy car and pay his own bills . He needs hair and a attitude adjustment from a real man and a good country boy whooping. He belittles these women like they are nothing and he is the master. Thats how I feel.

  12. Wow!!! I guess having a stable of women when he was younger seemed like a good idea! Now I bet he’s getting older and wiser… And realizing this might not have been such a good idea!

  13. Well,Kody your not all that.My favorite is Meri.I hope she’s going home where she belongs away from you.shame on you.your mean to all ofcthe wives, but clearly your favorite is Robin.guess it’s time to find a new playmate..shame on you and the girls for putting up with your carp

  14. All the wives have been left out since Robin came into the picture and NO, I’m not blaming Robin. It’s devastating to see Meri get the raw end of the deal. Truly saddened for all his wives. He’s a work of art; all in it for himself.

  15. Omg Kody Brown is the dorkiest narcissistic I do believe I’ve ever seen! I’ve wandered since day1 what any of these bad ass, hard working11st3 wives ever saw in him(gag) #4 doesn’t even deserve6acknowledged(EWWWW)

  16. Reality TV is not good for marriages. C ody has made so many bad decisions i suspect the wives are secretly wondering how they married such a self-centered and impulsive person. Please Meri, take your money and go back to Vegas.

  17. Personally , I think the sister wives should take thier money and run. Disbanding thier plural marriage. Cody is a NARSSASISTIC butt head. He gets all of the sex he wants , a nice variety, and gets supported by the hard working women. I believe that he puts the girls against each other and sits back and enjoys the drama. After all he is a drama queen and it’s all about him. Considering he is the cock of the roost.
    Come on Ladies, you deserve better for yourselves. He needs to get a REAL JOB.

  18. What a shambles. Kody obviously prefers Robin, so let her have him, his compulsive decisions, his debt, and drama, and let them live miserably ever after while the others help each other get out of the hole and live happier, separate lives.

  19. Ladies, ask yourselves, do you want to go on supporting Cody for the rest of his life? He doesn’t so anything of real importance. He barely has time for his kids, yet he sits around like you gals are not able to think for yourselves without him managing you. You scrap for his attention and time. Get those children raised and start taking care of yourselves. Invest your time for you. You don’t need him telling you your value or worth. If Robyn wants him, let her have him. Eventually one of them will have to get a real job, without the rest of you to support them. Things get real quick when no money is coming in. Then we’ll see how Cody shines.

  20. These women seem to be intelligent, so WHY do they allow that man to manipulate and use them the way they do? The women have always been the main breadwinner and he rides their coattails! This is WHY the US takes such a strong dislike to plural “marriages” because these men make multiple babies with multiple women and have no intention of supporting these children and most often the women are FORCED to seek government assistance and the men are never held financially responsible for all these children.
    As for Kody, he makes me sick to my stomach! He truly acts like he is a God or something, and to be honest he is average. Thats it, average! He has no room to talk about anyone’s physique or anything else that critiques their appearance when he, himself is average. Nothing special, nothing intriguing, just average! I dont get why all these women don’t leave him high and dry and sue his pants off for child support, except Robin. I think she deserves him for the rest of her life. She should be MADE to keep him!

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