Sister Wives: Kody Says Christine Turned Him Off

Sister Wives: Kody Says Christine Turned Him Off

Nowadays, fans don’t know exactly what to think of Kody Brown’s relationship with his wives. The Sister Wives family seems to be on the move, with Meri Brown taking a bit of a distance, especially when it comes to social media. Moreover, the financial problems and squabbling have raised the stress in the family to new heights. Surely it doesn’t help that Kody Brown admits that Christine Brown once turned him off?

Sister Wives: Kody Says Christine Turned Him Off

It seems that Kody had a more superficial streak in him during his youth. Before he married Christine Brown in his Sister Wives family, Kody Brown ended up feeling strongly disgusted by the now starlet.

As reported by Soap Dirt, Brown decided to take Christine Brown on a road trip with Meri Brown. At that moment he is in love with Christine and refers to her as “the cutest girl in the world”, but he also finds it necessary to point out her “chubby”.

With Meri Brown in the front seat and Christine Brown in the back seat, Kody Brown had a clear view of Christine Brown in the rear view mirror. When they stopped to grab a bite to eat at a roadside store, things took a turn for Kody.

Christine Brown decided to have a snack with nachos, and it seems that Kody couldn’t stand it. In Becoming Sisters Wives: The story of an unconventional marriage, Kody Brown explained how he felt.

Apparently, “seeing this chubby girl [Christine]… devouring chilikaas nachos for breakfast” was enough for Kody’s stomach to start with slippers. Not Kody’s finest moment.

Lately times have been hard for the Sister Wives family. There has been a lot of fierce fighting about their living situation and about several other things the family members disagree with. Kody Brown suggests that it all takes a toll on his interest.

“When I was younger, I used to enjoy watching my wives play and have fun with each other. I’m exhausted, I think,” he said to Sister Wives producers in February.

“I don’t see multiple marriages in the same light as before. I’m struggling with plural marriage and I’m struggling with my wives and I’m struggling with their conflict. We are now in a phase of our lives where we are far apart and we are struggling with each other,” he added.


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