Sister Wives: Kody Starts Something New With Robyn?

Sister Wives: Kody Starts Something New With Robyn?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown suddenly starts referring to Robyn Brown with a term that sounds rather embarrassing when it comes out of his mouth. It’s not an affectionate term that is used for other wives during the show. Apparently it’s special to Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Starts Something New With Robyn?

Looks like Kody Brown’s borrowing this from people across the ocean. When the people of the United Kingdom use it, the words seem quite natural. But when Kody Brown turns to Robyn Brown and changes his facial expression to call her that, it sounds a little more tense than natural.

What did the Sister Wives patriarch call his youngest wife, not once, but several times on the TLC episodes lately? “Love,” – Kody Brown now refers to Robyn Brown as “love” for some reason. The only thing missing in these scenes is a little angel with a harp that pops out playing heavenly strings.

It doesn’t seem to be music to Robyn’s ears when her common husband says the word “love” instead of Robyn. American couples have some traditional terms of affection that they use when talking to each other.

Hun, honey, sweetheart, babe and even toddler are some of the many terms frequently used in this country among couples. But calling Robyn Brown “love” is not a problem, even if it sounds corny. Since she’s the only one he’s aiming for in this program, this might make the other wives feel left out.

Robyn Brown and her shared husband seem more like a couple lately than two participants in this marriage plural of Sister Wives. They fight like they have no other partners to worry about.

But even though Kody Brown talks to the other Sister Wives in a nice way, he doesn’t shoot any lovebirds. Not while the Sister Wives are filming anyway.

Maybe somewhere in the past he might have offered a term of affection to one or more of the other wives. But this thing with Robyn Brown is becoming common. It’s come out of Kody’s mouth several times this season.

Kody Brown seems to do that when he fights with Robyn Brown. It’s almost as if he wants to pet her a little while he tries to make her see things his way.

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