Sister Wives: Meri Brown Going In Two Different Directions?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Going In Two Different Directions?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown confuses fans today after recent publications seem to show her traveling in opposite directions as the new season approaches. In recent months, Kody Brown’s wife, Meri Brown , seemed to have a solo mission for her life in mind. But then a more recent publication seemed to blow that theory to bits.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Going In Two Different Directions?

Months passed with Meri Brown appearing only in online publications. Or she appears in publications only with her LuLaRoe friends. Then, all of a sudden, the sister wives of this plural marriage finally appear. Suddenly, Meri Brown appeared in photos with the other three women she shares Kody with. On top of that, another publication seems to indicate that the Sisters’ shared husband traveled with all of his wives recently, including Meri Brown.

With months of Meri Brown appearing to have paved the way for independence, these latest family publications brought confusion to her followers of Sister Wives. But today Meri seems to offer another message. Is she practicing “no attachment”? Or so she says in her latest publication.

Meri Brown Getting In the Grove Of Ridding Attachments?

It seems that Meri Brown is once again on the way to becoming a free spirit. Her latest publication indicates that she practices “non-attachment. While that may mean not attaching to almost anything. So is this Sister Wives celebrity cleaning up the nearest place to get rid of things she hasn’t touched in years? Or is she talking about the people in her life?

Meri’s message said “I’m” practicing, so it seems like it’s something this spouse of the Sister Wives plans to do personally. It almost sounds like I’ve had an epiphany that will be, will be. As the Doris Day song says, whatever it is, it will be.

Meri Brown could have changed the lyrics a little but says, “What will be for me will be for me effortlessly. If and only if Meri is talking about people, it seems that she is about to let nature take its course. Maybe she is practicing dealing with people.

When she writes, ” “allowing it to leave when it’s time .” “If Meri means her family Sister Wives, she is also moving away from the constant jealousy she described a few years ago in the video below.

If Meri flies Sister Wives‘ blow, she has a great deal of support from the fans behind her. Fans have long begged Meri Brown to leave Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Is She or Isn’t She?

Advances from Sister Wives Season 14 indicate that fans will find Meri Brown in therapy with Kody Brown when the program continues. They make another attempt to save their marriage, according to promotions. But as they enter this new season, fans have no idea if this attempt worked.

It’s possible that what her followers see of Meri on social networks today is the result of her attempt to make it work. Don’t forget that this new season was filmed months ago. What fans see in Meri Brown’s online publications happens in real time.

With this latest publication, it seems that Meri is working on “no attachment” today. Does this mean your tribe of Sister Sisters or a set of old dishes that you can’t stand to throw away? Meri Brown is the queen of open messages, but that’s what keeps fans interested.

Her publications make headlines weekly, and most leave plenty of room to guess. So, the fans assume this or that of what Meri says and the conversation begins online. The Wife Sisters matriarch seems to love this, as she recently shouted at a tabloid who put her on the wrong reality show.

When a headline appeared last week that put Meri Brown on the Jersey Shore, she said it was the best headline she had ever read about her.

The 14th season of TLC’s Sister Wives will be released January 5 in TLC and fans can expect answers to many of the questions circulating online today.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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