Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shares Journey In Season 14?

Sister Wives Meri Brown Shares Journey In Season 14

Sister Wives star Meri Brown appears to use the new season to continue her journey of finding out just where she belongs today. Reports suggest that Kody Brown’s wife Meri Brown still looks unsettled within the Sister Wives family when Season 14 rolls out.

Previews for the TLC show’s new season have Meri going through the motions attempting to fix her marriage with Kody Brown. But at the same time, it looks as if the matriarch of the family is using social media to tell her latest story.

Meri seems to pave the way in this new season for what looks like her jump-off point from the Sister Wives marriage. Many fans think Meri finally decided on a solo act, evident from her online posts.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shares Journey In Season 14?

The first wife of Kody revealed more hints about the direction of her life these days in her posts online. While Meri Brown admits the new hometown for the Sister Wives clan is beautiful, she shares how she still misses Vegas. This mom of one expressed her feelings about missing Vegas a few times online since moving to Flagstaff.

But in a post last week, the Sister Wives matriarch appeared almost longing for her days in that Nevada desert town. She visited with friends in Vegas and posted a view of the city at night suggesting it’s a place she misses.

The TLC previews indicate Meri Brown heads to therapy with Kody in the new season. It sounds like she makes a last-ditch effort to fix her Sister Wives relationship with Kody Brown.

Meri Brown’s marriage includes more than just two people. Five spouses belong in this wedded bliss setting, although only Kody attends counseling with Meri. When the last Sister Wives season came to a close, it appeared things needed fixing between Meri Brown and one or two of the other wives as well.

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Meri Brown Gets Fans Ready For The End of One Journey and Beginning of Another?

It’s almost as if Meri Brown gets the fans ready for the outcome of this next season with her posts online. She’s hardly ever home in Flagstaff, as she’s traveling a lot for her LuLaRoe gig. Her latest post indicates she spends a good deal of time at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn as well.

Meri’s posts on Instagram read like a book. It seems she’s gone solo and enjoying her new independence. But it also seems from the new season previews of Sister Wives that it took a lot of work for her to get to this point.

So it looks as if Season 14 of Sister Wives offers fans a look at that journey that led Meri Brown to the independence she enjoys today in her life. Meri seems to indicate that she hasn’t walked away from the family altogether. She makes sure to post “family time” photos as well.

While Christine’s anger towards Meri Brown seemed to surface in the last season, she’s not the only wife harboring angst. Just a few years back the first wife and the second wife of this plural marriage, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown, were at odds. Janelle and Meri Brown discuss this in the video below.

Sister Wives: Didn’t Sever All Ties

ut those Sister Wives photos usually show Meri Brown with either Ariella Brown or Solomon Brown, Kody’s two youngest children. Robyn Brown is’ biological mom of these two youngsters. Over the past several months Meri Brown doesn’t offer posts with her co-wives or even Kody, her shared husband.

Meri Brown posted a few cryptic messages a while back that suggested some of the people around her have severed ties. The message sounded like she was able to move on without those people in her life. Maybe that message wasn’t so cryptic after all? Meri and her Sister Wives co-wives don’t appear together in photos online these days.

One thing is for sure, fans will watch closely for signs of these severed relationships during the new season. They will also try and catch the signs of this solo turning point in Meri’s journey.

Pictures of Meri with her new LuLaRoe family members fill her social media pages. Did this entrepreneur replace her Sister Wives brood like it appears in her photos?

So is this solo appearance demonstrated by this Sister Wives celeb today the final outcome of Season 14? If so that suggests that the last-ditch effort with Kody Brown failed?

Sister Wives returns to TLC on Sunday, January 5, with their new Season 14.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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