Sister Wives: Meri Is Responsible For Bringing Robyn And Christine Into The Family

Sister Wives: Meri Is Responsible For Bringing Robyn And Christine İnto The Family

Meri doesn’t seem to be cut out for polygamy. Kody Brown suggested that at least three of his four wives lack the personality to embrace the idea of a plural family. While Kody Brown never bothered to name names, fans assume that Brown’s only wife who is okay with the plural is Janelle Brown. Janelle, who is fiercely independent, seems to agree with the arrangement, while Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown do not.

Meri Brown, on the other hand, has been credited with encouraging Kody Brown to add wives to the family and seems to be directly responsible for including at least two of her three sister wives in the fold. This fact doesn’t seem to fit with what fans have seen of Meri in recent years, and they just can’t understand her program.

Sister Wives: Does Meri Brown Have An Issue With Polygamy Or A Problem With Her Family?

While Kody Brown seems convinced that Meri isn’t simply cut out for marriage in the plural, there’s another possibility that fans can’t let go. It seems likely that Meri’s problem is not the concept of polygamy, but rather the family she’s part of.

Over the past two seasons, fans have seen Kody pitting his other wives against Meri Brown. It has been hostile and difficult, and although many find Meri’s personality irritating, they note that many of the family issues may have more to do with Kody than the concept of plural marriage in general.

The dynamic, however, is apparently not so rare in the religious sect. Kristyn Decker, who is related to Christine Brown, has spoken out against polygamy for years.

In an interview with Radar Online, she suggested that many people who participate in plural marriage are “unhappy-happy”. She points out that religion teaches its adherents that the more they sacrifice themselves, the more they will be rewarded in the afterlife.

Sister Wives: Meri Is Responsible For Bringing Robyn And Christine Into The Family

Meri Brown may not love her polygamous lifestyle right now, but she was once strongly committed to living this lifestyle. In fact, she was so passionate about it that she was directly credited with bringing to her attention at least two of Kody Brown’s other three wives. In the family book, Becoming Sister Wives, Kody Brown explains how she met each of his four wives. Kody and Meri Brown met organically, but Meri facilitated his introduction to the other wives.

Meri Brown is directly responsible for helping Kody Brown and Christine connect in 1994. In the memoir, the family tells that Meri had become friends with Christine. When a different relationship did not work for Kody Brown, Meri Brown suggested Christine as a potential romantic partner. Meri and Kody Brown also met Robyn Brown in 2010 while they were out together. Meri reportedly played matchmaker once again.

Although Meri Brown is not directly credited with bringing Janelle and Kody Brown together, Meri is still the common factor in their relationship. Janelle, who was once married to Meri’s brother, Adam Barber, met Kody Brown during family events. When she divorced Adam, she started having an affair with Kody. While Meri was somehow friendly with each of Kody’s additional wives, each friendship seemed to sour after they joined the Brown family.

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