Sister Wives: Meri Scared The Kids

Sister Wives: Meri Scared The Kids

TLC Sister Wives may not be on the air right now, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of brown family drama. It’s no secret that Meri left for Utah, and the fact that she hasn’t been on Sister Wives’ social media pages or those of their children for a while speaks volumes. Did Christine and Janelle Brown’s children choose Meri Brown?

Meri has confessed her love for the children of Janelle and Christine for years on Sister Wives. But the children themselves have never really said the same about her.

In fact, since the beginning of Sister Wives, Kody Brown’s children have never spent as much time with Meri Brown as you would think.

With all the drama of the old Sister Wives being stirred up, there are many fans revisiting the book of the Brown Family, which is almost 10 years old. If you would read Sister Wives’ book, you would see a lot of today’s drama, predicted and written between the lines.

Christine Brown accused Meri of taking away all her frustrations about her children and then told Meri Brown to stay out of her children’s lives. It turns out that Christine’s children were afraid to cross Meri Brown because of the way she would react.

Sister Wives: Meri Scared The Kids

Christine Brown makes it all come true in the book by Sister Wives. She is very open about her drama with Meri Brown and she talks about what it was like when her children were much younger. She says they were very “wary” of Meri and “afraid to accidentally cross her”. There have been many incidents with Meri and Christine’s children.

Janelle Brown’s daughter Maddie Brown also had an online run-in with Meri Brown. Rumor has it that Meri is approaching the kids online and stalking their social media accounts. She is said to be very rude to Brown’s other children and eventually made up for it with her own daughter, Mariah Brown.

Christine Brown points out that it is great to have help raising children, but Meri has been too hard on the children and was even harder on other women’s children than on her own children. Christine Brown points out that she and Meri worked pretty well together with the children, but when she saw how Meri was becoming, she had it out with her. This could be the reason that the two women are very cold for another woman in the show.

Christine didn’t share many examples of what Meri was doing, but she keeps telling the fans that she was very hard on them and that’s why her children were afraid to thwart her. Christine Brown didn’t want Meri to help raise her children if she was hard on them in a way she never was.


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