Sister Wives: Money Problems

Sister Wives: Money Problems

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that the Brown family may not be as broken as we all once thought. As they prepare to return to TLC this fall, it looks like they’re in the clear when it comes to money.

During the last season of the series, it seemed like the family was struggling with money, but some new details that have come out show that they are actually doing well financially.

Sister Wives: Money Problems

One of the reasons why some fans think the Browns are having money problems is because of the back operation on Christine Brown’s daughter. It cost about $50 000 and she practically begged for money from her fans on social media just before the operation.

It seemed that Kody Brown couldn’t help her financial woes, but now it looks like they might all be okay financially.

Meri Brown is still keeping her bed and breakfast in Utah and her LulaRoe store and seems to be doing pretty well with money. She’s currently on a six-day holiday in Mexico, living her best life. In the meantime, Christine Brown took some time off to go back to Utah to celebrate Octoberfest.

The question on everyone’s mind is how much the Browns are worth. The family have been working to get back on their feet and as the show starts again, they will receive thousands in pay per episode.

They also make cameos for their fans in their spare time. Robyn Brown has another jewel story worth about 600K and Meri Brown is worth about 400K. Christine with her cameos and law firm is also worth about 400K.

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