Sister Wives: Mystery blonde spotted with Kody Brown and Robyn Brown in Las Vegas

Sister Wives: Mystery blonde spotted with Kody Brown and Robyn Brown in Las Vegas

Sister Wives fans were recently left puzzled after spotting Kody Brown, the show’s lead character, with a mysterious blonde woman in Las Vegas. Speculations were rife that the woman could be Kody’s potential new wife, as the show is all about polygamy. However, it turns out that the woman is none other than Robyn Brown’s younger sister, Taralyce Sullivan.

According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Kody and Robyn were seen exploring the strip in Las Vegas last month. They were taking selfies with fans inside Caesar’s Palace casino, and Sullivan was seen accompanying the couple. Reports reveal that the trio was walking around a shopping center and enjoying their time together.

Sister Wives fans are well aware that Kody’s plural marriage has been disintegrating since 2021, with Christine Brown leaving the family, followed by Janelle and Meri Brown. Therefore, when a photo of Kody, Robyn, and Sullivan surfaced, fans speculated that the couple was courting a possible new wife.

However, the rumors were quickly quashed after it was confirmed that Sullivan is Robyn’s younger sister. Kody and Robyn Brown were visiting vegan and took the opportunity to meet Robyn’s sister, who happens to live in Las Vegas. The couple lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, which is 253 miles from Las Vegas.

Sullivan also appeared in episode 1 of season 5 of Sister Wives when Kody and Robyn hired her as a live-in babysitter for their five children. At the time, fans found the arrangement to be odd and even claimed they caught Kody “ogling” Sullivan. They joked that Kody had found his fifth wife.

During the Sister Wives: One-on-One reunion that aired on January 8, Robyn quashed the idea of a new sister wife, saying that Kody “basically said ‘no'” to the prospect. She also revealed that the idea of adding a new wife worried her because of how heartbreaking it was for her sister wives to leave the family.

Written by Evelyn Foster


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