Sister Wives: New Photos Surface Of Robyn Brown And Kody Brown As Season 14 Approaches

Sister Wives: New Photos Surface Of Robyn Brown And Kody Brown As Season 14 Approaches

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his legal wife Robyn Brown surfaced today in photos in a rare social media post. Both Kody and Robyn Brown have been noticeably absent from the social media, but as the new season of their TLC approaches, it seems the couple are ready to manifest themselves in public again.

Finally, we all know that all the spouses and all the younger Brown children were indeed together as a family in Flagstaff. Many fans speculated The Browns would go their separate ways this Christmas. Some even hoped that Meri would spend the holidays in Chicago with her daughter Mariah Brown. Others secretly hoped that Janelle and Kody Brown were with their daughter Maddie Brush, and their two grandchildren, Axel and Evangalynn. However, they seem to have had a nice evening in the city they have been calling home for the past 18 months.

New Photos Surface Of Robyn Brown And Kody Brown As Season 14 Approaches

It’s The Brown’s second Christmas in Flagstaff. In season 14 we see their first Christmas unfold before us. However, it is this year’s party that gets Sister Wives fans talking. Not a single picture of the Brown family has been shared at Christmas so far.

Unlike Thanksgiving, when all Sister Wives except Robyn Brown placed a variation of the same photo of the four women and their shared husband. However, thanks to Kody’s second wife Janelle Brown, we now see that all five husbands were together this holiday.

In addition, many of Brown’s children were photographed with their parents. Here is a look at the rare sighting and outing of the Browns that we shared as a family last night…

The Browns Take a Ride On The Polar Express

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown and all four of his wives rode the Polar Express last night. Living close in Flagstaff certainly has its perks. Williams’ Grand Canyon Rail Road is transformed into The Polar Express, a magical ride to the North Pole. Aboard The Browns they enjoyed flashing lights, carols and hot cocoa while driving to Santa Claus and his reindeer.

It’s just under two hours of family fun that brings back memories for a lifetime. Most passengers choose to wear holiday pyjamas, but The Browns didn’t follow that example. It seems that this is the beginning of a new family tradition. Maybe next year they will wear their best (and maybe even matching) Christmas pyjamas.

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