Sister Wives: Robyn and Kody Seal Their Own Fate?

Sister Wives: Robyn and Kody Seal Their Own Fate?

The original three wives of Kody Brown knock on the door of the Sister Wives fan base to generate income, but not Robyn. Sure, she has two young children at home, but a shout-out for a specific product doesn’t take much time. Meri, Janelle and Christine use their Sister Wives fame for online sales. But for some reason Robyn Brown doesn’t. When it comes to making money, Meri has probably done most of it by using her fame for this purpose.

Of all five adults in this multiple marriage, reports suggest that the first woman generates the most online income. As a top seller for a clothing company, Meri seems to be making the money with her online sales. Christine Brown generates money from her online sales of the same clothes Meri Brown trades. But this third woman of the Sister Wives also breeds a lot of products online.

Janelle is also big with online promotions. While the clothes sold by two of her Sister Wives cohorts don’t turn out to be her cup of tea, she does promote holistic products. Both Janelle and Christine Brown also do fan-requested Cameo videos for a fee. These three ladies let their fame work for them.

Sister Wives: Robyn and Kody Seal Their Own Fate?

Robyn has said in the past that she can’t handle bullying online. She also acknowledges that many followers of Sister Wives see her as a housebreaker. But Robyn Brown claims that fans misunderstood her when she believed she was destroying a happy home. She also sees this as the root of the annoying online comments.

This homewrecker theme started with the get-go of the Sister Wives series. While this fan-mindset lost a bit of its bite, some of the TLC viewers still see it that way today. Kody’s original three Sister Wives shared this multiple marriage for a decade and a half before Robyn Brown came into the picture. Robyn mentioned how disturbed she was by this criticism when she wrote a book with the spouses of Sister Wives a few years ago.. This theory could possibly come from the way she came aboard the S.S. Sister Wives. Early antics between Kody Brown and Robyn Brown seem to lay the foundation for this fan-mind-set.

Maybe Kody made a mistake by showing his honeymoon and extended wedding on screen. Or maybe he could have downplayed his more-than-smitten behavior towards his new and young bride at the time. At least while the Sister Wives cameras were rolling.

At the time, the camera was aimed at Kody Brown when he followed Robyn Brown as a teenager with a heartbreak. But also Christine was filtered by the camera. This third woman was pregnant and in tears, because Kody had tunnel vision for Robyn Brown. So haters came forward and Robyn Brown stays away from them when she can. Maybe selling or promoting online scares her off because it offers the potential of a flood of nasty comments.

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  1. Then maybe she shouldn’t be a home wrecker. She did cause a lot of angst. She caused an actual divorce. Sure it was so they could adopt her kids but come on…she knew what she was doing.

  2. One of the saddest aspect in this story is that narcissist Kody has taken these 4 women and 20+ kids as hostages emotionally and financially. They are so far in debt, the women (minus Meri) and their children almost have to stay with Kody, or face a life of incredible financial consequences. One of them should get a book deal for a true tell all.

  3. Cry me a river. You choose a lifestyle you live with it’s ups and downs without crying at the public. I like Roybn way least Meryl next. The 2 smart middles wives are my favorite. But I ignore whinny- 1st world problem. Take care of your chd and do what multi-wives do. Otherwise divorce. Start a new life.

  4. While Robyn may not be producing extra income, I am sure she and the whole Brown family, make plenty from airing their lives on the reality program. Robyn has been a fabulous contributor to the family and is often a great mediator. Cut her some slack. Some mums do things differently staying home.
    I have been glued to ‘Sister Wives’, as a fascinating insight into a plural family. This refreshingly open minded Mormon family, prove ‘love conquers all’. While a polygamist relationship may not be my choice, who am I to judge others? It is clear to me the children have been growing up beautifully, as great contributors to any society.

  5. Omg people let Robyn and Kody alone, why is all this hate coming out now……this show has been on tv for years and all of a sudden people are blaming Robyn for everything. …..its because you’ve been held up in your homes due to the Pandemic and you are frustrated and watching TV…. I’m sure Robyn does have some issues but she isn’t the only hen in this hen house, Kody married 4 women…. married life with 1 person is hard but 4 that’s super hard.

  6. Let them be. They ALL chose this lifestyle knowing how it works. All families have issues, pray for them rather than tear them down.

  7. Why all the haters! Instead of tearing them down you could offer some positive suggestions. Families ALL have issues. Just think if your families issues were out there for all to see? Remember, judge not lest you be judged.

  8. Why all the haters! Instead of shreading their family apart you could offer up some positive suggestions. Families ALL have issues. Just think if your families issues were out there for all to see? Remember, judge not lest you be judged. Robin and Kody, ignore the hate that spews out from all these perfect people with no issues! Forgive them for they know not what they do.

  9. Kody and Robyn both need to get a job and quit living off what the first three wives are working and bringing in. Both of them need to support them selves and their kids

  10. Personally, i feel that Robyn’s entering the family is directly responsible for 90% of all the issues with mary and the other wives. Mary’s position as 1st wife was doomed from the moment of robyn entering the family. She whined so much about her kids dad that meri ended her marriage. I also believe robin demanded so much time that meri found someone that shosed her attention, sadly it was a catfish. NOT MARYS FAULT. Because of robyns sons inability to attend school without rkbin being close is what caused all the wives to lose their homes in vegas and a closeness they all loved.
    So enjoy it robin, a newer younger one will come along and steal him away, but not before you crush amd destroy all the other wives and kids.

  11. Kody and Robyn sitt in the biggest house in judgement of the other sister wives financial support while Robyn is doing nothing! She deserves KODY and his crap!

  12. All I see is Cody , doesn’t work. All he does is run from house to house. I can’t stand the ego that bastard has. He doesn’t make any money, but what TLC gives him. And if Robyn wanted her kids to have insurance them she should have gotten a real job. Cody didn’t have to divorce Meri, he wanted to. And now Robyn, is getting older Cody is out prowling the streets looking for a younger and prettier wife.Its all about power and sex with Cody. The 4 he has now he has no power over. Except Janelle, cause lets be honest who is going to want her after Cody, dumps her ass.

  13. Why would people call her a homewrecker?? Its a open marriage! People want to be so quick to judge Robyn when Kody was the one to pursue her. To call her out for the divorce with Mary is wrong. That was his choice and being in a extended family his child with Mary was grown and Robyn’s kids needed a guardian. Quit blaming this women and blame the man who created all of this. Plus they’re all adults they knew what they were getting into. The internet is cruel i don’t blame her.

  14. Why blame Robin? It’s polygamy; it was an adjustment but thats what they do; no home was wrecked. If any behavior was in question it’s Kody’s timing. He should have supported Christine as she had her last baby. It would have only been a couple of months.


  16. The writing has been on the wall for some time. Kody is just a horny old man tired of his 3 wives, they have aged, surprise Kody so have you. I think they all look great, but, they aren’t 20 anymore with a hot bod. So easy to throw them away especially Meri.
    He doesn’t deserve any of them.
    I think Kody and his favorite wife Robyn need to go build a life together as a couple in the 1 million dollar house he bought her. Leave Meri, Janelle and Christine to have lives of their own. They need to never look back.
    Oh, and no more group money. Each wife needs to live on what they make, no more for Kody. Let him support his wife Robyn and kids on his own. He brought it on himself.

  17. If TLC couldn’t find a better subject then a bunch of freak sleeping around having babies. Somethings wrong. All the women are ugly, whinnie and think Kody is the only man on this earth. He distrusting. I bet the pay a lot of money for STDs. Who lives this way. UN confident Woman. Jokes on you of you.

  18. Robyn knows just what she’s doing being the younger she’s using it to ruin the relationships with the other wives they don’t get to barely be with him or does he show up for there childrens things he’s doesn’t provide for them I’d leave him an file for child support see how his greedy ass likes that?? Kutos to Merri I’d run as fast as I could she has no ties there anymore an live her life without that burden of a circus!!

  19. People in glass houses should never throw stones. This is for all the Haters. How many skeletons are in your closet.. At least they are showing THEIR TYPE of life and not their ASSES. If you don’t like this type of life DON’T WATCH! I’m intrigued how the kids turn out not having a hands on father to help them with homework or spend quality time with said kid one on one. NOT how many days KODY AND THE WOMEN INTERACT. THIS LIFESTYLE IS NOT FOR ME BUT STILL INTERESTING!

  20. The real “villan” in this thing is Kody…not Robyn. He has no ability to be considerate of anyone else’s feelings but his OWN. It’s his way or no way, re. the financially disastrous move from Las Vegas that no one else wanted. So he uprooted not only the wives, but jerked the kids out of schools and uprooted them. Some dad.

  21. I like all of the ladies. My problem is Cody. I don’t know what they see in him. He runs his wives like he’s a pimp. They work, he doesn’t, yet he holds the purse strings and always has the fanciest car. And don’t get me started on that ridiculous hair of his. But the wives deserve better than Cody.

  22. I just love this show an i think if you don’t have any thing to say to help these families don’t say nothing at all pray with them that they come to terms with there issues an do what best for them an there children so let’s hope that it all come together an work out for them cause I don’t want this show to go off air I been I watching way back when when it was just Mari Dan Mary and Janelle Dan Christine Dan Robin Cody got it going on Papa Was a Rolling Stone

  23. For Heaven’s sake…For That narcissistic Kody and his wives, it all started with you- “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it!”

  24. As I recall, it was Mero who introduced Robin to the family because she thought she would a good 4th wife. In fact, she and Robin were very chummy and much closer than Meri was with the other two wives– Christine and Jannel.

  25. There is nothing positive about polygamy. I can’t imagine anyone choosing this way of life. I have to admit that my favorite is Mari. My least favorite is Robin. Kody is mean to Mari and his divorce from her is what led her to the catfishing. I feel so sorry for them all. I pray the Lord Jesus will deliver them from this cult.

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