Sister Wives: Robyn and Kody Seal Their Own Fate?

Sister Wives: Robyn and Kody Seal Their Own Fate?

The original three wives of Kody Brown knock on the door of the Sister Wives fan base to generate income, but not Robyn. Sure, she has two young children at home, but a shout-out for a specific product doesn’t take much time. Meri, Janelle and Christine use their Sister Wives fame for online sales. But for some reason Robyn Brown doesn’t. When it comes to making money, Meri has probably done most of it by using her fame for this purpose.

Of all five adults in this multiple marriage, reports suggest that the first woman generates the most online income. As a top seller for a clothing company, Meri seems to be making the money with her online sales. Christine Brown generates money from her online sales of the same clothes Meri Brown trades. But this third woman of the Sister Wives also breeds a lot of products online.

Janelle is also big with online promotions. While the clothes sold by two of her Sister Wives cohorts don’t turn out to be her cup of tea, she does promote holistic products. Both Janelle and Christine Brown also do fan-requested Cameo videos for a fee. These three ladies let their fame work for them.

Sister Wives: Robyn and Kody Seal Their Own Fate?

Robyn has said in the past that she can’t handle bullying online. She also acknowledges that many followers of Sister Wives see her as a housebreaker. But Robyn Brown claims that fans misunderstood her when she believed she was destroying a happy home. She also sees this as the root of the annoying online comments.

This homewrecker theme started with the get-go of the Sister Wives series. While this fan-mindset lost a bit of its bite, some of the TLC viewers still see it that way today. Kody’s original three Sister Wives shared this multiple marriage for a decade and a half before Robyn Brown came into the picture. Robyn mentioned how disturbed she was by this criticism when she wrote a book with the spouses of Sister Wives a few years ago.. This theory could possibly come from the way she came aboard the S.S. Sister Wives. Early antics between Kody Brown and Robyn Brown seem to lay the foundation for this fan-mind-set.

Maybe Kody made a mistake by showing his honeymoon and extended wedding on screen. Or maybe he could have downplayed his more-than-smitten behavior towards his new and young bride at the time. At least while the Sister Wives cameras were rolling.

At the time, the camera was aimed at Kody Brown when he followed Robyn Brown as a teenager with a heartbreak. But also Christine was filtered by the camera. This third woman was pregnant and in tears, because Kody had tunnel vision for Robyn Brown. So haters came forward and Robyn Brown stays away from them when she can. Maybe selling or promoting online scares her off because it offers the potential of a flood of nasty comments.


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