Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Opens Her Mouth

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Opens Her Mouth

Sister Wives celebrity Robyn Brown didn’t tweet with her co-owners during the show Sunday night, which is out of the norm for her. But it seems there are clues as to why Robyn remained silent. Hints for her no-tweet Sunday turn up in the other adults’ tweets at this Sister Wives wedding.

Robyn Brown Opens Her Mouth

Meri Brown was the woman who felt excited the past seasons. She often expressed how she felt alone and as an outsider when it came to the family. But now it seems it’s Robyn Brown’s turn. It all stems from the Sister Wives episode that aired Sunday night.

It was Robyn Brown who started the Sister Wives adults with a lack of privacy example for Kody Brown’s shared house. She presented an imaginary date night scenario. While discussing the one big house with Kody, Robyn Brown described what she felt about the house. For her it is an uncomfortable situation.

Robyn Brown was afraid all the wives would see Kody Brown leaving the house with one of the wives if they had a night together. Robyn Brown said that while the other wives know Kody spends time with all his women, he doesn’t have to rub it in everyone’s face. That didn’t suit some of the Sister Wives.

Apparently that’s what Robyn Brown sees happening in one big house. She sees one shared house as nothing more than a constant reminder of another woman with her husband. That’s Christine Brown’s train of thought, too.

Sister Wives: Wrath of Kody and Other Spouses

When Robyn Brown started her protest for the date, Janelle stood up to address the issue. Basically, Kody Brown’s second wife said that if you don’t like not looking. This happened on the last episode of Sister Wives.

While the celebrity adult Sister Wives watched the Sunday night show, they tweeted about it. Kody Brown didn’t sugarcoat it. She tweeted that she’s just trying to do something nice. So she asked, “Why is this ridiculous?

Then Kody Brown tweeted a “Yes” to Janelle Brown. He also shared Janelle’s point of view. “If you don’t want to see me leave with the other wife, don’t look out the window.”

If that wasn’t enough, Meri Brown jumped on the Sister Wives bandwagon. She said she was totally in line with what Janelle said. Meri’s tweet suggested that if you don’t want to see Kody leave the house with one of his wives, then don’t look.

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  1. Really, what could be better than knowing your husband has another woman on the side? What? Being forced to live with and share life with the other women. Oh, and least we forget what a religious community they have, Cody’s Bible omits the verse about being the husband of ONE wife. Cody is overbearing, physically disgusting and is using these women to prove what a stud he thinks he is at the expense of having 20+ kids that the “sisters” must raise so he can allocate his time out looking for a new place to live, develop plans in how to make the already intolerable family conditions even worse, consider the possibility of adding a new wife or consider whom he might make a new baby with. Robyn used to be somewhat attractive and now appears to be bloating up and whining more than her “sisters”. This a highly dysfunctional family that is being used for exploitation by the makers of a TV show. The women are more to blame than the idiot they are married to. The TWO take always from the show are that (1) misery loves company and (2) more is NOT merrier.

  2. Come on ladies all four of you knows that he had sex with the other ones. why make a big deal out of it . if you see him go out with Robin . the next day you See him go out with Christine are the other two wife . what does it matter. Y’all sign up for this . The house kody want to build is awesome. Yeah I’ll would have a place to live. You don’t open your front door and you don’t see who Kody is date that night. Grow up

  3. No means no Kody. That monstrosity that you want to build has no resale value, it’s virtually a prison. What happens if you die unexpectedly or someone wants to leave? After listening to you whining and having a temper tantrum. I think you want this house because YOU really want a homebase for yourself. FYI your kids are not comming back. That’s how life works. They leave the nest and visit occasionally. What will the kids do with that house when you’re gone?

  4. I don’t like that were watching what happened over a year ago. Everyone already knows what’s going on by reading the internet. Bring the show to what’s happening now.

  5. There are other out there that live like they do so why say there is no way they could sale there home there is family that would love to have that to have there kids to live by them that still is at home at age 25 to 45. That would help there kids and still have there place to there yes you could sell

  6. Look, you have the land, just build a cul-de-sac situation like you had, and that you said worked for you, in Vegas. Maybe since the kids are getting older and moving out the houses could be smaller and then you could build a big gathering facility where you can have large family events……..if you do that right, it could be an income source for you too as you could lease it out for events, ie, weddings, reunions, etc……just an idea……..

  7. Look, you have the land, just build a cul-de-sac situation like you had, and that you said worked for you, in Vegas. Maybe since the kids are getting older and moving out the houses could be smaller and then you could build a big gathering facility where you can have large family events……..if you do that right, it could be an income source for you too as you could lease it out for events, ie, weddings, reunions, etc……just an idea……..

  8. If it is not broke why fix it? Imo the Vegas cul
    de sac was ideal and it worked. Should of just left well enough alone. But, now you have all this land and should do the same. If you are tired of going from house to house then build a smaller one for yourself as your home base. Having one big house for all forget it. Is it really the best idea or is it a control thing?

  9. If their religion is about family and community, I don’t understand
    the problem. All the wives know Kody is intimate with the other
    wives at various times throughout
    the week, he has 18 children with all of them, so I think Christine
    is selfish. Kody, build your

  10. Really Cody would not have a show
    It wasn’t for The wife’s. He thinks he
    Is a gift. Trust me he’s not. Come on
    Lady’s ya’ll we be a catch for anyone.
    I for one we love the show without
    Cody.The four of ya’ll would be happy
    Dump his ass.

  11. Please CANCEL this program “Sister Wives” ~~ it is sickening! Nobody CARES! Cody is a TOTAL asshole and just wants $$$$$$ 🖕

  12. All 5 of you signed up for 1 husband many wife’s. 1 house is perfect for what you believe in, have your values changed?
    Seems more like 1 wife and 3 mistresses. I use to really enjoy watching your show and how you viewed polygamy.
    Now you represent something very different.
    Believe in the lifestyle you have chosen. 1 man multiple women many children all under 1 roof.

    • I dont understand why these women are polygamists did they not know it means plural marriage. Doesnt make sense to be upset about living together when you knew he has other wives.

  13. From the beginning of Flagstaff, I wondered why they didn’t get the property rezoned to build four smaller homes in a cul-de-sac and a separate common meeting hall. No wife needs that big a house. Meri has no kids at home, the others have kufd going to college soon, and only Robyn has little ones. Families with five kids live in houses smaller than their mini-mansions. Ladies, if you want individual homes, cut back on the size and expense.

  14. I think Mary should leave the family and go Run her bed & Breakfast in Utah and run her Lu la roe business..and visit her Daughter and her Daughter’s Girlfriend in Chicago..her Energy would best be spent those ways..she doesn’t need the Triple Drama of the other wives

  15. The resale in vagas was hard enough, can you imagine that monstrously expensive big house ever selling when Kody decides to move again. The women need there own homes. That way when Kody decides to move to Alaska, they can stay in their own home or move with Kody to Alaska and sell individual homes that will eventually sell. It also gives the women a choice to stay in their own home or not.

  16. I think Kody is being a selfish jerk. It’s a little late for thinking your situation isn’t all cracked up to be what You really want. The resale value is questionable along with what happens if you die. The other ladies would be in a tough financial situation. The wives should have their own money and You should get a job…As it seems to me (Opinion) that you live off of the wives.

  17. Kody is an ass wipe saying it nicely..All those wife’s know what they getting into ..PLEASE Roybn & Christine shut your mouths soooooooo annoying….The whole show needs to be DROPPED….

  18. I think they have skirted around the real issue here…if one of them dies, divorce etc…they have no value in their home! Who in their right mind would want to buy a home inside a strangers home…also the value of 4 seperate homes is bound to be of greater value than one monstrosity of a house!
    Kody is being very selfish and a bully trying to get his way! He has back pedaled so much from all that he said in trying to get them to move from Las Vegas that he cant keep up with his big mouth! They had very nice homes in Vegas, the kids were satisfied where they were…he said they would make more off of their homes to go onto the new houses and they would be a stronger family…NOT TRUE!! Stand strong Christine and Robyn…dont let him bully you!
    Meri, dont let him blame you for all the problems!…Blessings to all of you.

    Married to same man for 48 years…Barb Engle

    Married to same man for 48 years

  19. If the wives were smart they would all leave Cody..they basically raised the kids on there own…he thinks he’s all that but he’s an idiot..the wives could all do it on their own…Cody could not because the wives incomes pay for everything….smarten up ladies you are too good for him…and you could all find better….and it seems that since he married Robin she’s his main concern..and she rules the roost….

  20. I have binge watched this show the last few weeks out of curiosity. This is what I see . . . MERI – my heart breaks for her. She’s in pain – emotional pain. JANELLE – very intelligent and knows exactly what she signed up for. CHRISTINE – what a self-centered, look at me, I want him to myself person. She won’t be happy unless she has Cody to herself. ROBIN – kind of sweet, clueless as to what a family like this should be doing together as a family, treated special by Cody. Should insist Cody legally divorce her because no reason to be his legal wife since he’s already adopted her kids. That way all the wives are EQUAL. CODY- Narcistic egomaniac – doesn’t like being told NO – thinks his sperm is the answer for world problems – treats Meri like shit.

  21. Ummm they lived in a cul de sac. In houses with Windows. So they’re saying that they never saw Kody leave with another wife??? They bought a piece of land to build 4 houses on and they never see him leave with another wife? Before Robyn joined the family they all lived in one house and they often talk about how great it was. How the older children are so close. They became sister wives, all ” married” the same man than I believe they they should live under one roof. Other wise it looks like one guy with 1 wife and 3 girlfriends. But my option does really matter lol

  22. I think Robyn is fake as her so called tears. Oh boohoo Robyn. And Christine is just utterly repulsive. Jannel is trying to make things work out. And poor Meri, Christine is nothing but a bully and cry baby stomps her feet if she cant get her way! The entire so called family has been so cruel to Meri and for what reason? She should leave kodi all he wants Meri for is her contribution of the monies. He left her a long time ago. And for Meri to divorce him so that Robyn could legally marry him was the most unselfish thing anyone could do. And look how Meri is treated. SHAME ON ROBYN,CHRISTINE AND KODI

  23. I love this show and have watched from the beginning. These women are strong and can hold their own with Kody. I could never do what they do but I admire them for living the life they believe in. Now Kody is another story. lol Kody started this thing about moving from LosVegas without telling his wives about his plan for this big house. And now whining about things not working out perfectly. (His way of course). He was complaining about everything falling on his shoulders. Well Kody you started the whole thing and your wives agreed but with some hesitation. They are now living miles apart and can’t have the closeness with each other and with the kids. I don’t know how it works but I would think it is hard to make friends in a new place giving their lifestyle. That has already happened to Meri and now Robin is having to move again. It seems they were secure before the move and now they are scrambling to get houses sold and it will be a long time before they will have new homes to move into. Really a bad move Kody. Oh and Kody you’re a grown man get a mature mans hair style. The curls look stupid. Having a little longer style (but not as long as you have it now) and blow dried straight would look so much better. I will still be watching and wishing the best for all. JA

  24. Cody is a bully an lazy as hell a grown as man that does not work I bet all four of these woman r receiving food stamps an all lazy man that doesn’t provide for his family should be put out of there misery

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