Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Still Wants More Kids

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Still Wants More Kids

Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveal that Robyn Brown is one of Kody Brown’s most controversial wives. Apparently, Robyn Brown is often referred to as Kody’s “favorite wife”. There are also numerous reports that Kody stays with Robyn more than the others. However, many fans know nothing about Robyn Brown’s life. He is very inactive on his social media accounts.

Sister Wives star Robyn doesn’t get much love from fans compared to other women. Some fans think that she has created competition within the family. Apparently, Robyn Brown is known to be Kody Brown’s favorite wife. Reports even claimed that Kody Brown bought another piece of land in Flagstaff next to Robyn’s $890,000 house instead of spending it on the Coyote Pass project. In addition to spending more time at Robyn’s house, Kody also seems to treat him better than other women.

Meanwhile, Kody Brown’s other wives have been very patient with Robyn. One of them is Meri Brown, who has posted quotes about patience and positivity in the midst of their intra-family fights.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Still Wants More Kids

Sister Wives star Robyn is 42 years old. However, she is still keen to have more children. Last season, Robyn sat down with Kody to talk about the possibility of having another child.

Kody Brown, however, seems concerned about Robyn Brown’s proposal. According to her, they still have young children to look after and adding another child might not be a good idea. Robyn even said that she has seen a brown-haired boy in her dreams, which she thinks is a message that she should have another baby.

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