‘Sister Wives’: Roots of Jealousy for Meri and Christine Brown

‘Sister Wives’ Roots of Jealousy for Meri and Christine Brown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks to have some competition lately from Christine Brown who seems to imitate Meri as the new season nears. Christine wasn’t always kind to Meri on the show, especially during the last season.

Sister Wives: Back When Meri Brown Endured the Wrath of Christine Brown

‘Sister Wives’: Roots of Jealousy for Meri and Christine Brown

It didn’t take long for Sister Wives fans to gather around Meri Brown. They did it after a particular scene played last season. It was then that Christine and Meri sat down to rummage about some things of the past.

The speech came from the episode of Sister Wives which showed the night Maddie Brown Brush gave birth to his first child, Axel Brush. Meri showed up for the birth at Janelle’s house. But everyone was in the bedroom with the door closed, so he left.

Sometime later Christine Brown practically told Meri that she was fine with her lack of birth. Christine Brown then told her sister’s wife matriarch to take her luggage with her to a room. He also told Meri Brown that he finds that baggage uneasy.

Christine didn’t sugar coat a thing. He described his argument as brutally honest. Meri later told her that he could be too brutally honest. However, it was at this time that things became clear to the fans of the show. Many followers of Sister Wives assumed that Christine was not a fan of Meri.

 Sister Wives: Back When Meri Brown Endured the Wrath of Christine Brown

Roots of Jealousy for Meri and Christine Brown

But Christine behaves strangely for someone who finds Meri and her “baggage” offensive. It seems that Christine does everything to follow in Meri’s footsteps these days … the baggage and all the rest. During the many seasons of the Wife Sisters, hints of jealousy emerged. Even some competition between wives popped up.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown and even Kody Brown discussed issues of jealousy, they confirmed that they occasionally emerge. So jealousy exists within this plural marriage.

One of the first places of competition and jealousy between wives has sprung up a long time ago. This is when Kody married Christine Brown. Meri said she wasn’t jealous when Janelle joined the family as a second wife. But the third wife made her feel differently.

Janelle was more like a friend or friend to Kody. They didn’t look at each other romantically. Although they have children together, he went beyond friends. But Janelle is not a person who plays the sentimental part of marriage.

Christine looked for that love story when she joined Sister Wives’ polygamous marriage. Kody’s first wife admits that she became jealous because she saw Christine as a more romantic interest in Kody in their marriage.

This obviously happened during the previous years of marriage. It happened over a decade before someone called Robyn’s name on Sister Wives. When he got on board, Kody smelled of romance and the other three wives all became jealous.

But the relationship between Christine and Meri began as a kind of competition between Sisters and Wives. This is because Christine was the first person to show off the romantic piece of her marriage to Kody. Looks like Meri Brown worked on it a long time ago. But what about Christine?

Sister Wives: Christine Imitates Meri These Days

Meri Brown is not just a fan’s favorite Mogli sister, but he has climbed another ladder in recent years, where he is on top of his game. Kody Brown’s first wife went to one of the best sales partners of the LuLaRoe clothing line.

He earned compliments for his success. But trips and cruises also come with big sales for the company. He rewarded these benefits for his sales figures, which is something this sister Wives businesswoman works hard every day.

Christine Brown is another member of Sister Wives who also sells the LuLaRoe clothing line. But it seems that Meri does more sales. His travels in LuLaRoe offer some evidence of this.

But Meri has also amassed a lot of clothing at home that he shares with messages. This also suggests that it moves a lot of goods.

Sometimes the Brown matriarch published photos of all the packages about to come out with LuLaRoe clothing items sold. You mention a hard day’s work but they are all done.

Since Meri gets all the best benefits, that means he is at the top of his game. Christine traditionally publishes a photo of herself or one of the children wearing pieces of LuLaRoe. But now this third wife of the Sister Wives tribe is shaping them a lot like Meri does for her online sites.

Big Seller – Look at Me

Christine has also published a photo of the many boxes of her LuLaRoe clothes. Apparently to show that he is selling a lot these days, just like Meri. Also the photos that the posts of this spouse of Suor Wives reflect the captions of Meri. Kody Brown’s first wife poses while curled up with a puppy in a new LuLaRoe wrap.

Then Christine publishes a photo of her wrapped and curled up in a warm and welcoming “Teddy” LuLaRoe. Emphasize how this article holds the cold. This is the same subsidiary of Sister Wives who took a strong sentence against Meri some time ago.

But today it seems that he is doing his best to imitate her. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so perhaps Christine’s last posts will bring a smile to Meri Brown’s face.

A new season is now official as TLC launches Sister Wives’ season 14 on Sunday 5 January.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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