Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Launches Two New Companıes

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Launches Two New Companıes

Janelle Brown, one of the stars of TLC’s popular reality show Sister Wives, has been focusing on her career and children since her split from her husband Kody Brown. In recent times, the reality star has been promoting her business and expanding her ventures to become financially independent. She has recently launched two new businesses that have created a buzz in the media.

Sister Wives: Janelle Files Two LLCs Under Her Name

Janelle Brown has decided to file new ventures under her name, stepping away from the Browns’ family. According to Arizona business records, Janelle filed an LLC on December 29, 2022, under the name “Janelle Brown Production.” The records indicate that Janelle is the sole owner of the company. She filed another LLC on the same day, starting a new venture in online health coaching.

Janelle Brown has been a certified “Institute for Integrative Nutrition” (IIN) coach since 2019, helping people lose weight and achieve their health goals. She is the only member of the Sister Wives family listed in the official records, and the registered address is her office space in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Janelle Launches Her Weight Loss Company

Just a month before filing the new LLCs, Janelle Brown launched her weight loss company registered under “Janelle Brown Plexus.” The company is also reported to the same address as her other two LLCs. Janelle rented the property for $2,000 a month in the spring of 2022, leading viewers to speculate that she plans to settle down in Flagstaff, where she operates her businesses.

Sister Wives: Janelle’s Business Ventures Show Her Independence

Janelle Brown’s new business ventures highlight her independence and determination to be financially stable. Her decision to file the LLCs under her name and launch new businesses has garnered praise from her fans. She has been very open about her journey towards self-reliance, and her recent ventures show that she is actively pursuing her goals.

Sister Wives: Janelle’s Focus on Family and Career

Since Janelle’s split from Kody Brown, she has been focusing on her career and children. She has been promoting her businesses and creating new opportunities for herself. Her focus on family and career has been apparent in her social media posts, where she shares glimpses of her daily life with her children and her work.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Future Plans

Janelle Brown’s new business ventures have created excitement among her fans, and they are eagerly waiting to see what she will do next. With her focus on her career and children, Janelle is likely to continue creating new opportunities for herself and expanding her ventures. Her recent LLC filings indicate that she is determined to establish herself as a successful entrepreneur, and her fans are rooting for her.

In conclusion, Janelle Brown’s recent business ventures show her determination and independence. Her focus on her career and children has been admirable, and her fans are excited to see what she will do next. Janelle’s journey towards self-reliance is inspiring, and her new businesses are a testament to her hard work and dedication.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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