Sister Wives star Maddie Brown worried about Axel when Evie came – part of the terrible twos

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown worried about Axel when Evie came – part of the terrible twos

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush overcame the ill-fated phase of her son Axel in July of this year. But now he’s fine in his terrible two and looks like a big punch. Especially since Maddie is committed to raising her new baby, Evie K. Maddie has declared herself sincere but has also noticed how adorable her son is.

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown worried about Axel when Evie came – part of the terrible twos

Axel, like most children who have just turned two, has become bad. In July, he shared how the boy simply wanted to have fun, so he kept them both awake. We reported that on Instagram, he showed Caleb and his attempt to take a nap. He subtitled it with “All I want is a Saturday nap. All Axel wants is to climb on us. “But later, after the birth of Evie K, Maddie shared that Axel regressed a little. He explained how he insisted on returning to his pacifier. The resulting struggle was too much to deal with.

Sister Wives’ mother suggested that doctors believe it was only a small regression due to new family dynamics. But perhaps much of this has also come from the terrible two. Most young children go through the terrible two. The Mayo Clinic explains why most children become “difficult” at this age. They note that many parents struggle with “rapid mood changes and a child’s behavior”. They explain that “two-year-olds … struggle with dependence on their parents and their desire for independence”. Two-year-olds don’t do it like too many rules, and this leads to … out of control feelings and tantrums.

Maddie Brown’s candid reveal about Axel

On Instagram, Maddie shared a picture of sleeping Axel. He subtitled it with “Some days I watch him sleep and I promise to be more patient”. It seems that every mother in the world. Maddie added that she would like to be more understanding, more compassionate and more relaxed. Later, he observes: “I promise not to lose too much calm, to try to understand his point of view. So he wakes up and my promises are good. They usually last about 2.5 seconds to climb the entertainment center and hit the TV. “He concluded,” But for now I will look at my sleeping boyfriend and ask his curious mind and I will pray to survive him. “

Of course, Sister Wives fans with young children know exactly what they are talking about. A fan commented: “My son is entering the terrible two now … and it’s a struggle! Last night it was a constant whining and a real collapse from the moment I came home from work until he went to bed. But then I miss him as soon as he falls asleep! The child’s years are no joke! “Another agreed, saying:” It will get better. 💜 “.

In no time, Axel should grow out of it

Very soon, Axel should grow from his terrible double stage. So Maddie Brown Brush can expect some respite before Evie K enters the same stage. But this is motherhood and every mother will tell you that children are worth every moment. What do you think of Maddie Brown Brush applying for Axel and the terrible two? Did you survive a child at that age? Turn your thoughts into the comments below.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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